1 million euros to buy PCs for schools: the M5S launches the “Let’s do digital school” initiative

The 5 Star Movement intends to allocate 1 million euros of the sums deriving from the waiver of part of the allowances and reimbursements envisaged for all parliamentarians to public schools, for the purchase of portable personal computers to be used for specific projects (such as, for example: setting up computer room, updating existing PCs, making them available to less well-off students, extracurricular projects and activities, etc. etc.).

Public primary and secondary schools located in all Italian regions can participate in the “Let’s do digital school” initiative, within the limits of the resources made available.

The 5 Star Movement, we read on the website of the political force, intends to clarify that, in compliance with the regulatory provisions in force on the subject, no school will be called to actively participate in events of a political nature, nor will forms of publicity of the initiative be required by of the same. Each institute, therefore, in respect of its autonomy, will be able to present the request which will be evaluated and possibly financed by the 5 Star Movement. The donated equipment must be understood exclusively as voluntary donations aimed at achieving the objectives proposed by the institutes themselves.

The projects

Each institute may present only one project which must also indicate goals and objectives.

The projects to be financed will be chosen, at its sole discretion, by a special Commission made up of the President of the 5 Star Movement, or his delegate, and the presidents of the parliamentary groups, or a person delegated by them.

It is recalled that the available sums, resulting in the total availability of the parliamentarians, as they come from the salaries and allowances due to them, will not be subtracted from any public purpose.

Schools interested in participating in the initiative must send a request

by 10 pm on 8 February 2023

by filling in each part of the form available at this link:

with the reference data of the school, a brief description of the objectives or purposes of use, the number of personal computers requested and any other information requested, also attaching:

  • Appropriate determines or, alternatively, a declaration endorsed and signed by the legal representative of the school (school manager), which contains the express acceptance of any donation made in favor of the school in accordance with the provisions of the interministerial decree n. 129/2018

The minimum technical characteristics of the notebooks supplied will be as follows:

  • 15.6 inch display
  • 512GB hard drive
  • Ram 8GB
  • Intel I5 Processor (12th Gen.)

Windows pro operating system and extended warranty at min. 3 years.

For any information and/or clarifications, send an email to: [email protected]

1 million euros to buy PCs for schools: the M5S launches the “Let’s do digital school” initiative – Orizzonte Scuola Notizie