A new school map from the start of the 2023 school year which does not please everyone at Chesnay

The Le Nôtre school and the Jean-Louis Forain school in Chesnay-Rocquencourt (Yvelines) should close their doors definitively in the years to come due to the drop in enrollment and the overhaul of the school map. (©78news)

During the December municipal council, the City of Chesnay-Rocquencourt (Yvelines) has acted the closure of two schoolsJean-Louis Forain and Le Nôtre, reviewing his school map.

A subject that had already been discussed during the November city council where Véronique Siadous, deputy mayor in charge of school affairs, had presented the figures for school enrollment, which are falling.


“In ten years, we have lost 25% of kindergarten children and 16% for elementary students,” said the deputy mayor. We currently have 73 classes of which 20 are unoccupied. »

In December, Véronique Siadous explained that the school map was going to be reviewedgoing from five to four sectors: Chèvreloup, Molière (with the addition of the sector around the hospital and part of the rue de Versailles), Aigle/Guynemer and Perrault-Langevin.

The Aigle/Guynemer sector has been added the Comtesse and Charles-de-Gaulle sectors, while the Boucher, Mouchotte and Square Mérimée sectors join the Perrault/Langevin sector.

This new school map was drawn up on the basis of statistical studies carried out with the urban community of Versailles Grand Parc but also in partnership with school principals and parents’ federations, underlined Véronique Siadous.

She will applicable from the start of the 2023 school yearthe time that families get used to and organize themselves, in particular those concerned by the Jean-Louis Forain and Le Nôtre schools, which will close their doors definitively in 2025.

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The children stay in their school until the end of their cycle

“We will be able to better start distributing the children and gradually increase in number, notes the deputy mayor. It takes three to five years for a new school map to become effective.

Of course, a child already in school will remain in his school until the end of his cycle even if his sector changes (unless the parents request otherwise). Similarly, if a child already has a brother or sister enrolled in a school, he can join him.

Veronique Siadousdeputy mayor of Chesnay-Rocquencourt in charge of school affairs

Dorothee Bigler, of the Chesnaycourtois au cœur group, did not oppose this new school map but wanted to ensure that these school closures would not prevent the reception of potential new students. Don’t worry because “there will be at least one vacuum class in each school”.

A petition

On his side, Nicole Alquierof the opposition group Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt naturally, believes that what the majority is proposing is a “reduction of means under the guise of economy and a very bad signal for families”.

With closures, a large area of ​​the city is left without a school site and we are losing proximity for many families with school groups all located on the outskirts of the city.

Nicole Alquierelected opposition member of Chesnay-Rocquencourt

The elected opposition member promised, at the end of her speech, to appeal against this deliberation.

On the side of the parents of students

A subject that does not leave the parents of students indifferent either. A petition was launched on the site change.org against the closure of the Jean-Louis Forain kindergarten and the Le Nôtre primary school by Mathilde Sourmail.

The latter takes up the arguments of the municipal opposition recalling the increase in the property tax, the absence of consultation on the subject or the lack of communication.

“We have no information, there is no transparency,” said Raphaëlle, mother of a little girl attending Jean-Louis Forain kindergarten, whose youngest son will return there in 2023.

We don’t know where our children will go, when, how many there will be per class, etc. The new school map has been voted but not the closure of the two schools. Can we enroll our children in these schools tomorrow?

Raphaelleparent of Jean-Louis Forain kindergarten

Received at the town hall

Concerned parents of students are considering filing a appeal to the Administrative Court of Versailles.

“We are going to receive these parents of students by the end of the month, indicates Véronique Siadous. We consulted with school principals, parents’ federations and parents elected to school councils during rather peaceful meetings. »

Already in 2016, during the closure of The Little Prince kindergartenvoices were raised.

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A new school map from the start of the 2023 school year which does not please everyone at Chesnay-Rocquencourt