Aeronautical Academy Competition 2023 for 105 students, Announcement

The Ministry of Defense has announced the competition Air Force Academy 2023 for the admission of 105 pupils to the first class of regular courses for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The educational qualification required to access the selection is the diploma.

You have until today to submit your application for admission February 11, 2023. Below we provide all the useful information on the selection, the requisites required, how to apply and we also make the call available for download.


The call for applications for admission to the 2023-2024 academic year of the Aeronautical Academy has therefore been published.

The places available are for 105 pupils and are divided as follows:

  • no. 58 seats – Normal navigator role of the Air Force, pilot specialty;
  • no. 14 seats – Normal role of Air Force Weapons;
  • no. 16 seats – Normal role of the Aeronautical Engineering Corps;
  • no. 9 seats – Normal role of the Aeronautical Commissariat Corps;
  • no. 8 places – Normal role of the Aeronautical Medical Corps.

It is specified that the contestants can apply for only one of the above roles.


It is specified that the following operate on the competition reservations:

  • 30% of seats to students attending the last year of Military Schools (20% for students from the Aeronautical Military School and 10% for students from other Military Schools of the Armed Forces);
  • 10% of seats to the spouse and surviving children, or to second-degree collateral relatives if the only survivors, of personnel of the Armed Forces, including the Carabinieri, and of the Police Forces who died in service or due to service. The opinion of the Verification Committee for service causes, pursuant to art. 11 of the Decree of the President of the Republic 29 October 2001, n. 461, title which allows to benefit from this reserve of places, must be possessed on the expiry date for the submission of the application to participate in the competition.


To participate in the competition for students at the 2023 Aeronautical Academy, the requirements summarized below:

  • be Italian citizens;
  • have completed the 17th year of age and not exceed the day of completion of the 22nd year of age on the expiry date of the deadline for submitting applications. The maximum age limit is raised by a period equal to the actual military service rendered, until the expiry date of the deadline for submitting applications to participate in the competition, in any case not exceeding 3 years, for those who perform or have performed military service in the Armed Forces. This raising of the age limit does not apply to competitors for seats for the normal seafaring role of the Air Force;
  • have obtained or be able to obtain a secondary school diploma at the end of the 2022-2023 school year;
  • be recognized as having the psychophysical and aptitude suitability for unconditional service as an officer on permanent duty;
  • enjoy civil and political rights;
  • not have been dismissed, dispensed or declared forfeited from employment in a Public Administration, dismissed from employment with Public Administrations following a disciplinary procedure, or acquitted, by authority or office, from previous enlistment in the Armed Forces or from State Police for disciplinary reasons or unsuitability for military life, with the exception of acquittals upon request and for psycho-physical unsuitability and failure to pass the basic training courses referred to in article 957, paragraph 1, letter e-bis of the Code of the Military Order;
  • have not been convicted of intentional crimes, even with a sentence applying the penalty upon request, with a conditionally suspended sentence or with a criminal conviction decree;
  • not currently be accused in criminal proceedings for intentional crimes;
  • have not been subjected to preventive measures;
  • have behaved impeccably;
  • not having behaved towards democratic institutions that do not guarantee scrupulous fidelity to the republican Constitution and to reasons of state security;
  • have, if minors, the consent of the parents or of the parent exercising parental responsibility, or of the guardian to contract voluntary enrollment in the Air Force;
  • have reported a negative result in diagnostic tests for alcohol abuse, for the use, even sporadic or occasional, of narcotic substances, as well as for the use of psychotropic substances for non-therapeutic purposes. This requirement will be verified as part of the psychophysical assessments;
  • candidates for positions for the normal seafarer role must not have been officially dismissed or expelled for insufficient piloting aptitude from previous similar courses for the achievement of the airplane pilot licence.


To be admitted to the Air Force Academy, aspiring students will have to take various exams.

In particular the selection process will follow the steps below:

  • Pre-testduring which knowledge of the English language will be ascertained, in which everyone must participate;
  • Psychophysical checksfor aspiring Aeronautical Weapons Role, Aeronautical Engineering Corps, Aeronautical Commissariat Corps and Aeronautical Medical Corps;
  • Written test of cultural selection in biology, chemistry and physics, for aspiring Aeronautical Medical Corps;
  • Tests of physical efficiency and aptitude and behavioral assessments in which everyone must participate;
  • Short essay in Italianin which everyone must participate;
  • Mathematics oral testwhich everyone must participate.

More details on how to select candidates are available in the announcement attached at the end of the article.


The Air Force depends on the Ministry of Defense and is one of the four Italian Armed Forces, together with the Army, Navy and Arma dei Carabinieri. It is responsible for the defense of the national airspace.


The application to participate in the competition for Students at the 2023 Aeronautical Academy must be submitted by 11 February 2023 exclusively with telematic procedure from This Page. The methods of access to the portal are via SPIDelectronic identity card (CIE), national service card (CNS).

We point out that underage competitors will have to to attach to the application, a copy of the consent form for voluntary enlistment, available among the annexes to the notice.

Further details on how to submit the application are available in the notice attached below.


All those interested in participating in the competition for students at the Aeronautical Academy are invited to download and carefully read the NOTICE (Pdf 1 Mb) of the selection. For the sake of completeness, we point out that the notice was published on the website of the Ministry of Defense in this section.


The timetable and venue for the various exams is indicated in the selection notice attached above. The subsequent communications will be published on site of the Ministry of Defense in the ‘Online competitions’ section. Communications of a collective nature entered in the public area of ​​the portal have the value of notification in all respects and towards all candidates. These communications, for informational purposes only, may also be published on the portal InPA.

Communications of a personal nature may also be sent to competitors by e-mail message, certified e-mail (if declared by the competitors in the application form), by registered letter or telegram.


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Aeronautical Academy Competition 2023 for 105 students, Announcement