Artistic and cultural education during school time: a project to raise awareness of local heritage in Aube

An artistic and cultural education project is being carried out over the 2022/2023 school year with several schools in Aube, around three historical monuments in the department.

  • the châtelet of the castle of Dampierre;
  • the St-Laurent church in Bouilly;
  • the architectural and landscape heritage of Fouchères (Notre-Dame church, Vaux castle, wayside cross, wash house and banks of the Seine).

This heritage awareness project is based on the heritage, historical, architectural and archaeological discovery of a historic monument, located in the environment close to the students, coupled with artistic practice workshops, supervised by an artist. The work is carried out both in class and on site.

Carried out and financed by the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs of the Grand Est (DRAC) and the Academic Inspectorate of Aube, it is carried outwith the active support of the owners, the municipalities, and an unprecedented partnership with a private owner. It is part of the partnership between the Ministries of Culture and National Education which aims to generalize artistic and cultural education to all students.

Throughout their school career, the ambition is that the young person, from school to high school, can explore the major fields of art and culture by acquiring knowledge, by putting it into practice and by the meeting of works, places, professionals of art and culture.


My local heritage “Our Thursdays in Dampierre”

On Thursday January 12, 2023, the 4 classes working on the Châtelet of the Château de Dampierre went to the site for the first time to discover the Châtelet.

99 students from 3 schools in Aube are involved in this artistic and cultural education action:

– three classes of CM1-CM2 from the primary schools of Ramerupt and Lhuître;
– a class of 4e of the Voie Châtelaine college in Arcis-sur-Aube.

Three alternate courses, adapted to the ages of the students, were offered:

– a historical and architectural visit with Guillaume Delpech, president of the association of friends of the castle;
– work with visual artist Anne Moret;
– the presentation of the intervention on the archeology of the frame of the châtelet with the company Archeodunum and discovery of the digital work tools.


The meeting with the archaeologist from the Archeodunum company raised many questions about the profession of archaeologists, training, archaeological discoveries and their future, discoveries made on the châtelet…


A restitution of the project carried out with the artist in June 2023

The next step will consist of a work done, in class, with the artist. The project will give rise to a restitution organized in the form of a vernissage, on Thursday June 29, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Artistic and cultural education during school time: a project to raise awareness of local heritage in Aube