If the main axes were clear at the start of the morning between Sélestat and the valleys of Villé and Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, traffic was described as more complicated on the secondary axes.

The ice appeared on Tuesday around 10 p.m. in the valleys.

Sélestat firefighters intervened a dozen times this morning following the freezing rain, mainly to rescue people who had fallen (Sélestat, Orschwiller, Heidolsheim, Scherwiller and Villé).

At the Sélestat gendarmerie company, it is indicated that the gendarmes intervened several times between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. for material accidents, mainly on the RD83 between Huttenheim and Nordhouse, as well as on the RD212 in Hilsenheim.

To deal with the situation, Internet users have made requests for carpooling to go to their places of work, such as to go to the Schmidt factory in Sélestat, for example.

For pedestrians too, the situation is delicate. The sidewalks of Sélestat are described as very slippery. Some merchants have decided not to open today due to weather conditions.

The management of the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle has also decided not to open this Wednesday. Same thing for Emmaüs in Scherwiller.

Disrupted operation in schools

The functioning of schools has also been disrupted.

“The Villé valley is under freezing rain alternating with snow, indicates the main of the college of Ville. We welcomed around thirty students out of 456 students. Some colleagues were unable to come due to the extremely difficult weather conditions at home, and some students left at 10 a.m. because they no longer had classes. »

At Marckolsheim middle school, there were about 25% of students present this morning. A few teachers were also absent.

At sundhouse college, about fifty students present (out of 485) were supported by a dozen teachers present (out of 21 who are supposed to work today). Only one supervisor out of four is present. The lessons could not be provided normally, but the students were divided between the teachers present for school activities according to the levels for the first two hours of the morning. Teachers and students present end the morning with a table tennis activity in the gymnasium.

There were two-thirds absent at Chatenois college.

In Sélestat, only a third of the pupils were present at the Mentel college (164 out of 490 expected, the 3rd being in training).

A third of pupils were absent at beatus college (28% of students absent, 39% justified by a transport problem, 20% for illness. The rest awaiting justification).

Around 80% of pupils and students were also absent at Koeberle high school.

At schweisguth high schoolthere were 64% of students absent: 37% among CFA apprentices, 76% among vocational high school students.

Center-Alsace. Ice, traffic, schools: a complicated situation this Wednesday