“Classroom Tutor for Difficult Students”. Minister Valditara’s 2023 agenda

Fight against early school leaving, ban on the use of cell phones in the classroom and reform of school-work alternation. There are many innovations affecting the world of school starting from 2023. Now the hypothesis of a new school figure emerges: the tutor teacher for each class group. The Minister of Education and Merit Joseph Vallettara announces his plan “revolutionary” and draws the 2023 school agenda of the executive led by Giorgia Meloni.

The tutor teacher

Minister Valditara, consulted by Messengerannounces what he calls a real one “Revolution”. Starting next year, a new figure will be introduced: a tutor in the classroom for both “difficult” students and for the better ones. “The figure of the mentor teacher for each class group – announces the minister – the teacher will have to have special training and will have to be paid more”. In summary, the teacher must have specific training and one higher salary. His task will be to follow the boys in particular“with greater learning difficulties” but also the best ones that “Maybe they get bored in class and need to speed up”. The figure of the tutor “will come into action next school year”. Meanwhile, the minister plans to start specific training for new teachers.

Fighting school dropout

But the centre-right government’s great challenge remains the same: to fight the school dropout. An Italian Achilles heel that particularly affects the regions of Noon. The data presented by the minister are worrying: “In Italy, 13.2% of 15-19 year olds do not study and do not work”. And the comparison with other European countries is creepy. “To give some examples, in Germany the percentage is 5%, in Portugal 2.6% and in Sweden 2.5%”. The objective of the Minister of Public Education for the next school years is only one: “bring this data under the ten percent. To do this, Minister Valditara indicates some possible solutions. Above all, more motivated and authoritative professors are needed“for this reason, among the first things done, there is the stipulation of the contract with average increases of 124 euros per month”. But not only, “there are appropriations raised from 200 to 255 million for school gyms” and the renovations of school buildings also end up in the minister’s sights: “You go to school more willingly if the institute is beautiful and bright”.

The ban on cell phones in the classroom

Giuseppe Valditara also keeps the point on the cell phone ban in the classroom, a rule strongly attacked by the opposition.“It’s the use improper which I reiterated is forbidden – specifies the minister –certainly not the one for educational purposes”. A phrase that silences all the criticisms advanced by the left. “It is not, as someone has said, a measure against modernity”. There are many ways to respect the ban in the classroom and none of these, the minister reiterates, goes against the law digitization school envisaged in the Next Generation EU programme: “In the Pnrr 2.1 billion are allocated for digitization. I would like all schools to equip themselves with tools to make video lessons with Italian or foreign teachers”.

The new school-work alternation

The news also concern the front of theschool-work alternationfor which the minister promoted an important change of pace. “We need to provide concessions that favor the availability of businesses”. But at the same time you need a strong one “modulation of the training offer according to the needs of the territory”. A case in point is that of the southern regions, where an offer modulated according to the characteristics of the territory it would be adequate.“I’m thinking, for the South, of agri-food, hotels, boating, cultural heritage. In Italy there are 1.2 million jobs that are not covered due to a lack of adequate qualifications”. The same goes for the choice of high school. Valditara announces a modification of theschool orientation:“On the one hand, the school needs to know how to identify the student’s potential – says the minister – on the other hand, it is necessary to recover information from the territories in order to know the concrete educational and cultural perspectives”.

“Classroom Tutor for Difficult Students”. Minister Valditara’s 2023 agenda