If some parents and children were surprised by the disappearance of cheese from the canteens of the Vierzon area, the dairy product should soon be making a comeback. But where had he gone? According to Jill Gaucher, Deputy Mayor for Public Services and Energy Transition, this is all a mistake.

“We are not going to eliminate cheese, which is a pleasure for children”

“The catering services made this choice to fight against waste without notifying me, but I am against it. We are not going to remove the cheese which is a pleasure for the children. The chosen one replies that he has not completely disappeared. Yoghurt, cheese pie, rice pudding, the dairy product necessary for a balanced meal is integrated in another form. The menus are also checked by a dietician. But Jill Gaucher promises that cheese orders have been restarted.

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And for waste? “We are going to eliminate the vast majority of individual cheeses for cheese that we will cut in the refectory in order to reduce plastic,” announces Jill Gaucher. Regarding the bread, which was available on the tables as soon as the children arrived, it will be distributed at the same time as the starter to avoid snacking before meals.

Dealing with inflation

In Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf, a commune in Seine-Maritime, the municipality, in consultation with the parents of pupils, has chosen to no longer offer cheese or dessert depending on the day to save money. In Saint-Saëns, in the same department, it is the entrances that have been removed to cope with inflation. Concerning Vierzon, Jill Gaucher assures her: “The idea is not to save money either to the detriment of the children’s pleasure and quantity. However, school catering is not spared by the rise in food prices. The cost of meals would have increased by 25 to 50 euro cents. But the price increase is not on the agenda. “We will manage differently, in particular by selecting meat according to price,” reassures the assistant.

Chloe Plisson

Consumption – Why has cheese disappeared from school canteens in Vierzon?