Côte d’Ivoire: Tiébissou, several textbooks with a total cost of 3.8 million Fr distributed by the PAGDS financed by the World Bank

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Distribution of textbooks on Friday at Tiebissou (Ph KOACI)

Teachers and students of classes CP1, CP2, CE1 and CE2 of the AHOUGNASSOU-ALLAHOU 1&2 school groups in the department of Tiebissou like several other localities in rural areas, benefited from several textbooks and teacher guides this Friday, January 13, 2023, noted KOACI on the spot.

By taking this initiative, the Governance Improvement Project for the Delivery of Basic Services to Citizens (PAGDS) funded by the World Bankintends to contribute on the one hand to the reduction of the school failure and on the other hand to allow the children to have Books of Reading and Mathematics, principal basic tools of training.

In her address, the coordinator of (PAGDS) Mrs. Madeleine Yao, immediately expressed her gratitude to the World Bankprivileged partner in the financing of the said project “since the numerous crises, the World Bank wished with the State of Côte d’Ivoire to finance economic governance. And this economic and financial governance has repercussions on the construction of human capital, of which the education system is a part. This is why the education component has a prominent place. For there are only man’s riches. Any country that wants development always starts with the education system. Because it is when you are trained and educated that you have values ​​to build yourself and participate in the development of your country. Education is the basic element for building a nation” underlined the senior magistrate.

The donor also presented the manual which, according to her, contains innovative learning techniques “These manuals come in the form of a printed, bound or paperback compendium, including instructions designed to facilitate the sequences of educational activities. This school book is the essential vehicle for learning. It is not only a means of teaching or instructing, but also a means of informing and developing the student’s critical spirit. It is therefore a document which illustrates and defends the values, the culture and the ideology of the people who establish it because they are founded and illustrated by local realities. This is why this textbook occupies a place of choice in the Ivorian education system,” she advised. Committing to making these manuals available in time to enable learners and teachers to use them effectively.

Since the 2020-2021 school year to date, three million four hundred thousand (3,400,000) textbooks for a total amount of three billion five hundred million of our francs have been distributed free of charge to students, thus relieving parents and all those involved in the education system. Note.

Located more than 21 km from Tiebissou, this strong village of eight thousand souls also remains confronted with a crucial problem of master housing. Anything that explains, according to the president of their development mutual, the understaffing of teachers in this locality.

Donatien Kautcha, Abidjan

Côte d’Ivoire: Tiébissou, several textbooks with a total cost of 3.8 million Fr distributed by the PAGDS financed by the World Bank – KOACI