FAF: The DTN wants to revive school sport

In the past, school and university sport was a real breeding ground for prospecting and training young talents with the Algerian Federation of School Sport (FASS). Today, it must be pointed out: this niche is really neglected by those responsible in the various disciplines.

On the side of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), it should be noted that the new management of the National Technical Director (DTN), Mr. Mustapha Biskri and his deputy Zoheir Djelloul has just organized a meeting with the head of the Development Department and Elite Mr. Rachid Ait Mohamedat the National Technical Center (CTN) of Sidi Moussa as well as the technical managers of the Algerian Federation of School Sports (FASS) to draw up an inventory and identify the action plan for the operations to be planned for the current year. This is precisely what the FAF on its official website.

The DTN steps in to help launch the School Sport Selection with the Wilaya selection operation organized by the School Sports League and Wilaya Leaguewhich is held from January to March 2023, followed by the setting up of a regional selection which will be under the aegis of the Regional League and as well as those of Wilayas, indicated the press release of the FAF on the subject. The same source specifies that this test will be held during the school holidays of March to finally reach the national phase which will take place under the patronage of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), the FASS and the Regional Leagues and Wilayas. On the other hand, the other operation for which the DTN is requested, it is the Inter-establishment championship which will take place in three phases (Wilaya, Regional and National).

Thus, the statement from the FAF announces that national selections will thus be released and will participate in the national selection championship for the categories (2005-2006-2007) scheduled for 2023. And at the end of this competition, the winning team will represent Algeria at the World School Championship scheduled for 2024 at Brazil. Moreover, the FAF also announces that a School Arab Cup for the categories (2008-2009-2010) is scheduled for July 2023 and a national selection will be released by then.

Moreover, the press release from the Algerian federal authority also indicates that other subjects, each as important as the other, were addressed by the DTN and his guests from FASSwith among others:

– Study of the feasibility of launching “sport-school class” operations through the sites of Tlemcen, Bordj Menaiel and Tébessa

– Determination of the type of technical supervision that will combine between the DTN technician and the school football educators

– Use of interministerial agreements (technical priority)

– Associate women’s football with joint FAF-FASS operations

Finally, the FAF concludes his press release by stating that the DTN will provide support through training and technical supervision in school sports.

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FAF: The DTN wants to revive school sport