FEU EI30: Solutions adapted to schools!

Since 2014, manufacturers have been forced to add intumescent seals to their door units to meet current fire performance. JELD-WEN goes even further by integrating these seals directly into the leaf of its solutions, to guarantee aesthetics, comfort and safety for everyone.

The solutions Fire EI30 JELD-WEN with patented invisible intumescent seals are a real innovation on the door set market. These seals – directly integrated into the leaf – guarantee the reliability and safety of the occupants in all sobriety and with aesthetics as a bonus.

In practice, what does it change?
This EI30 Fire concept with non-visible intumescent seals (tested according to European standard EN 1634-1) acts discreetly while being:
– Efficient,
– Preserved from damage,
– Inaccessible to manipulation,
– Protected from wear,
– Protected against bacteria

These doorsets are compatible in new construction with wooden frames and metal frames (fire or not), but also in renovation with JELD-WEN rehabilitation solutions. They can be installed on rigid support partitions (concrete, blocks, concrete blocks, terracotta bricks), on flexible partitions (dry partitions) or with adjoining glazed frames. Enough to ensure regulatory compliance and the comfort of buildings with ease and in a minimum of time!

The widest range of solutions to meet the challenges of schools

Nurseries, nursery and primary schools, colleges, high schools and universities… The needs in terms of openings and closings of educational establishments are varied and the solutions implemented must meet all educational environments. To do this, JELD-WEN has developed aesthetic doorsets that combine 4 size requirements: safety, protection, comfort and hygiene.

Today, school doors and doorsets are overworked, so it is legitimate to demand products that are reliable, resistant over time and suitable for all audiences.

JELD-WEN FEU EI30 solutions provide access to living areas (classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, boarding school, refectory, corridors, stairs, etc.) and are available in several ranges adapted to all environments:
1. Door blocks called “Nursery school” with anti-finger trap seals on each side of the leaf. This range protects the hands of the youngest and ensures peace of mind for parents and educational teams.
2. EI30 doorsets with locking for medium-risk premises. They effectively protect students, teaching staff and school property.
3. EI30 Acoustic doorsets (from 29 to 42 dB) to guarantee the comfort and concentration of users while preserving their safety, especially in classrooms.
4. DAS Single Action doorsets to ensure the compartmentalization of horizontal and vertical circulation.
5. Door sets without lock with OSP (opening with a simple push) for optimal evacuation.
6. EI30 technical sheath (with or without transom) to meet all configurations, needs and all installation methods.

In addition, these easy-to-implement and paint solutions are also protected from any bacteria or dust that cannot settle in the profile of the door, thanks to the absence of visible joints on the uprights and on the frame. .

Beyond innovation, quality is also in the details

Customizable according to your needs, the range Fire EI30 JELD-WEN designed, developed and manufactured in France meets all the expectations and uses of the sector: mechanical locking, emergency closures, electronic locks and strikes, fireman’s bolts, panic bar and a wide choice of finishes: laminate, veneer, petrol thin to varnish, protection plate… These solutions fit perfectly into all styles and all establishments!

Interested in the patented EI30 range with invisible intumescent seals?

Our solutions can be adapted to many other sectors of activity: offices, administrations, culture and sport, health, hotels and restaurants, collective housing, etc.

FEU EI30: Solutions adapted to schools!