ROME (ITALPRESS) – The FIGC and the Youth and Scholastic Sector continue their commitment on the issue of protecting minors in sport. An activity expanded by SGS, integrating its national experience in the path traced by Fifa, UEFA and Terre des Hommes, contributing to the raising of international standards and enhancing the attention of the whole movement on these issues. A new path launched in 2020, through the development of a policy and specific rules of conduct on the protection of minors, capable of providing a series of management, training and support tools for the territorial network developed in synergy with all the regional offices SGS and in collaboration with the federal prosecutor’s office. A new approach that makes the FIGC the first Italian federation to adopt a structured protection system with the aim of pursuing risk prevention, training and education in awareness of the issue, reporting any problems and related procedures of intervention and in general the construction of a safe and professional environment for all young people.
Specifically, the FIGC and the Youth and Scholastic Sector have developed an integrated management model in their activities, setting up 20 dedicated work teams at a territorial level, formed by the respective SGS Regional Coordinators and made up of experts in the legal-regulatory field of child protection and specialists on the same topic as regards the psycho-pedagogical aspects. The work is also supported by the newly established Commission for the Protection of Minors which will soon be institutionalized in the Regulations of the Youth and Scholastic Sector, integrating what has already been foreseen for Basic Activities, Scholastic Activities, and Medical-Scientific regulations. An example of the success and validity of what has been sown in this period was the conference organized last December 15 at the Stadio Olimpico with the 81 delegates for the protection of minors from the Lazio youth sector companies. An opportunity for discussion to illustrate the progress of the project. “Talking about the protection of children and adolescents means first of all changing perspective. Today it is necessary to adopt a common and shared strategy, not looking only at possible legal problems, but rather trying to develop positive environments through work on the technical, organizational and relational aspects, with the aim of giving young people a healthy and safe” declared SGS Secretary Vito Di Gioia.
“Football of the future is based on youth sector clubs that put boys and girls at the center of their activities – continued Di Gioia – Today, organizing oneself efficiently to develop safe and stimulating environments and to prevent any critical issues is essential, for this reason we have made available ad hoc tools, the support of experts, specific training courses, a dedicated policy and structure. From this point of view, it will be very important to share management, technical and relational methods with all the companies in the sector which, through the tools available, will be able to concretely assess any risks for minors and adults, to select suitable staff, for example, to manage travel or online content in compliance with the codes of conduct for the protection of all parties involved. For all these aspects, the new figure of the delegate for the protection of minors assumes a very important role for the development of that safe and positive environment within sports clubs”.
Over the last year, the digital platform available to professionals and all interested parties, both for training and for any reports, has provided over 15,000 separate e-learning courses between generic introductory courses, specific for delegates, managers and technicians of sports clubs. A total of 534 companies in the Youth Sector undertook the training and awareness course on this subject.
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Figc-SGS, the commitment to protect minors in sport continues. Italpress news agency – Italpress