“Ginny and Georgia” ending explained

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. in of the Created by Sarah Lampert, Ginny spends a few days with her father Zion, while Georgia doesn’t let her sons’ runaway disrupt her wedding plans to re-elected mayor Paul Randolph.

Ginny doesn’t know how to deal with the discovery that her mother is responsible for her stepfather Kenny’s death, so she hurts herself with a lighter. Before the situation becomes more critical, she asks her father for help and begs him not to tell her mother anything. At first, the photographer doesn’t agree, but she understands that it’s for the best at the moment, especially since the teenager agrees to go to therapy.

After an awkward dinner with Paul’s parents, Georgia accepts that she needs her family and throws a traditional post-Thanksgiving dinner special with Zion. Although Ginny agrees to go home, she is still angry with her mother and is determined to find out all her secrets.

Marcus and Ginny secretly met again in season 2 of “Ginny and Georgia” (Photo: Netflix)


One of the things that helps Ginny, besides therapy, is the presence of Marcus in her life. Despite Maxine’s rebuffs, the young woman returns to school and tries to resume her life. Meanwhile, her mother focuses on her wedding and earning an important place in Wellsbury society.

After some confrontations and immature behavior, the protagonists of “they finally talk about their conflicts. The mother opens up to her daughter about her troubled past. Finally, they make peace and promise to be honest with each other.

Yet once again Georgia’s past threatens the future she is trying to build for her children. Not just because the private investigator Kenny’s ex-wife hired continues to dig into the Miller matriarch’s past, but because Austin gets a surprise visitor at school.

It is about his father Gil Timmins, who after being in prison for embezzlement returns to the life of the Millers to torment them. Threatens to expose Georgia’s past if she doesn’t hand over much of her soon-to-be husband’s money. Which leads Paul’s fiancée to prepare her escape.

Georgia and her family leave Wellsbury?

Until she can finish packing, Ginny finds out about the situation and convinces her mother to tell Paul the truth, or at least part of it. Although she has doubts, she decides to be honest and asks her fiancé for help, who, despite the fact that she needs a few hours to process so much information, supports her.

Accompanied by a lawyer, they confront Austin’s father and get him to leave town. Paul uses his power as mayor to help his new family and warns Gil that if he bothers Georgia again he will make sure he goes back to prison.

Ginny doesn’t leave town and gets her friends back, but loses Marcus, who becomes more introverted and doesn’t know how to deal with his depression. To avoid dragging his girlfriend into that dark place, he ends their relationship, just like he once promised Georgia.

Gil returned to blackmail Georgia in season 2 of "Ginny and Georgia" (Photo: Netflix)

Gil returned to blackmail Georgia in season 2 of “Ginny and Georgia” (Photo: Netflix)


Georgia and Paul get married?

Despite Gil and Georgia’s confession, Paul decides to go through with the engagement.. With the bride planning to call off the wedding to flee town, Ginny takes it upon herself to find a new venue for the ceremony, deciding that Wellsbury Town Hall is the place to be.

Finally, Georgia has the wedding of her dreams and allows herself to dream of a better future for her family. After they share their vows, have their first kiss as husband and wife, and dance together, everything seems blissful until the police and private investigator Gabriel Cordova come out with a warrant for Georgia’s arrest.

Why is Georgia arrested?

Georgia is arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller, husband Cynthia. Although the man was very sick and was eventually going to die, the protagonist of the he actually suffocated him with a pillow to end the suffering of the patient and his family.

However, that only Austin knows, as he saw her do it. The police and the rest only have suspicions and indications based on the fact that she was present when Tom died. Something Gabriel learned from Nick shortly before she left town and dropped his case.

The second season of “ends with Georgia’s arrest and Paul’s promise not to leave her alone. Will you seek a lawyer to help your wife? Will he use his influence as mayor or will pressure from his family make him change his mind?

Georgia is arrested at the end of season 2 of "Ginny and Georgia" (Photo: Netflix)

Georgia is arrested at the end of season 2 of “Ginny and Georgia” (Photo: Netflix)

“Ginny and Georgia” ending explained – Season 2: another death, an arrest and more