Grand Reims: a truck to promote agricultural professions

The Ministry of Agriculture is betting on an 18-meter truck to encourage careers in the sector. Friday January 20, in Tinqueux, it will be this Saturday January 21, in the city of coronations.

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Students from the Professor-Nicaise college in Mareuil-le-Port and the Trois-Fontaines and Joliot-Curie colleges in Reims were immersed, Friday, January 20, in the world of agriculture just by passing the door of a truck , parked in the parking lot of the Tinqueux village hall. And not just any: it is orange, measures 18 meters and offers two separate spaces that can accommodate up to 25 people each.

“The goal is to present agricultural professions and deconstruct stereotypes”

This truck is “the adventure of life”, as the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty calls it, which presented it at the International Agricultural Show in 2020. Its goal? “Present the agricultural professions in an interactive way and deconstruct the stereotypes that may exist in the sector”, explains Amélie Veyre, truck manager.

It all starts with a quiz, for about thirty minutes. First question: who loves animals? From there, several hands go up. Amélie Veyre then explains all the jobs that can exist: “There is certainly a farmer, but there is also a veterinarian or all the trades related to horses. But most don’t know it.”. In total, the agricultural sector has more than 250 professions in different fields such as the environment, food, personal services, agricultural equipment or agriculture.

Discover through interaction

The visit of the truck then continues with interactive animations with in particular the use of information tablets on training, orientation and the various professions, videos of former students who present their backgrounds, but also reality headsets Virtual, “which, for example, immerse the user in a sugar production factory”, says the facilitator.

In the Aisne, worried farmers but also sources of solutions

Finally, the truck has a machinery driving simulator. Léandre, who goes to 9th grade in Mareuil-le-Port, loved trying it out to the point of using it several times. “And even the rest of the truck, it allowed me to discover a lot of jobs that I didn’t know”he explains. “I can see myself working with animals, for example, but I don’t know what or where exactly”he adds.

But this truck is not just for school children. As proof, it is open to the general public on Saturday January 21, Place de la République in Reims, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. “It can also give ideas for reorientation. There is no maximum age for training in agriculture or for changing jobs,” insists Amélie Veyre, who hopes to convince since the agricultural sector is losing arms, on average -1% per year, according to Agreste, the agricultural statistics service.

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Grand Reims: a truck to promote agricultural professions