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These days are the beginning of the collection of signatures to “save the greenery” of the Begozzi Park at Villa Adriana and the preparation for the event on January 21st at 10 am to raise awareness of the issue. The area located behind the complex of buildings of the “Azzurra” between via Begozzi and via Elio Adriano in Villa Adriana and which for years has been cared for by an active committee of citizens is involved in a project by the Municipality which, receiving funding public intends to create a multi-purpose urban park (apparently privately managed) with the “consequent felling of trees and plants”.

The Municipality project has an exorbitant cost of 1.5 million euros and involves the construction of a multipurpose facility with a volleyball court, a mini basketball court, a 5-a-side football field, a refreshment point, changing rooms , toilets, fences and more. All this, according to the opposing citizens, will make the park no longer usable. The dispute opened between the citizens and the Municipality of Tivoli in these days is becoming more and more of a conflict, so much so that the committee, in addition to collecting signatures to “leave the management of the Park to the volunteers who have taken care of it up to now and … leave this Green Area to the free use of the entire community” after the continuous redevelopment carried out by the citizens of the neighborhood, has called for next Saturday 21 January, at 10:00, an event to raise awareness of the city’s problem.

Common Project

From the press release of the Municipality

The intervention area covers approximately 8,804.00 m2 owned by the Municipality of Tivoli. The General Regulatory Plan of the Municipality of Tivoli exclusively provides for the creation of “equipped and sports public green areas”.

The Villa Adriana urban park project consists of:
⦁ a 5-a-side soccer field with synthetic grass;
⦁ a changing room and a small structure as a “snack area” (about 38 m2);
⦁ an area with a multi-purpose field for regular volleyball activities and a 3 vs 3 basketball field;

Also foreseen is the supply and installation of fitness equipment on the underlying green area (to implement the existing ones) and the preparation of relaxation areas with arrangement of the furnishings, games and existing paths. The intervention also includes the arrangement of the greenery for the improvement of the tree heritage and the creation of the lighting system for the playing fields with their fences as well as the creation of a video surveillance system.


RESPECT FOR THE SOCIAL, GREEN AND SPORTS VOCATION OF THE AREA. The intervention is built in compliance with the vocations of the pre-existing park, in particular, with its nature as a green area, determined by the presence of sports equipment, as well as by the presence of games for children and areas furnished for relaxation.

NO ALTERATION OF THE EXISTING TREES. With the exception of sick trees and whose health conditions have been detected by the agronomist as compromised, the consistency of the existing tree heritage will not be altered in any way. On the other hand, interventions aimed at improving the health of trees are envisaged.

MINIMIZED IMPACT ON PERMEABILITY. Of the approximately 8,800 m2 of parkland, only 2,500 m2 will be affected by the construction of the sports facilities. Except for the approximately 174 m2 of changing room, snack area and plant compartment, all 2,500 m2 of sports area are made with permeable paving in order not to alter the overall permeability of the park land. The park will remain a green park.

SUSTAINABILITY OF ENERGY PLANTS. Given the nature of the area mainly as a green park and in compliance with the principle imposed by the PNRR of Do No Significant Harm or DNSH, which provides that no significant damage is caused to the environment, the intervention sees the presence of solar thermal and accumulation and reuse of rainwater as well as systems powered by photovoltaic panels.

ACCESSIBILITY OF GREEN AREAS. Compared to the current layout of the green area, the area will remain unfenced and always accessible. The only fences present will be those delimiting the areas for sporting purposes. The park will also be accessible by a cycle path close to the area (which is not specifically part of this intervention, but of a further project, already fully financed, for the construction of cycle and pedestrian paths at Villa Adriana).

IMPROVEMENT OF SAFETY. With the aim of guaranteeing and increasing the safety of citizens and users of the park, the entire area will be equipped with a video surveillance system with a network dedicated to remotely controllable data transmission and connected to both the switchboard of the Municipal Police and the Carabinieri and the State Police, combined with the implementation of public lighting.

IMPROVEMENT OF THE QUALITY OF THE PARK. The intervention involves the redevelopment of all the park’s equipment as well as the furnishings and all the elements that make it up (connecting paths, edges, etc…). In addition, plans are made for the landscaping and parking of an area in front of the park along Via Elio Adriano.

EXPANSION OF THE OFFER OF SPORTS FACILITIES IN VILLA ADRIANA. The project has as its fundamental objective the offer of sports spaces in the Villa Adriana district, with particular regard to the possibility of use for the associations and sports realities of the area as well as the school complexes and the entire community.


In addition to compliance with some criteria imposed by the PNRR (such as the DSNH principle and the removal of architectural barriers), the project, according to the tender that allowed access to funding, must provide for the possibility of settlement and the practice of at least n .3 different recognized sports disciplines. Furthermore, the tender provided for the availability of the area for the entity in terms of ownership, as well as urban planning compliance (without the need for urban planning variants).
The Urban Sports Park project at Villa Adriana, financed for 1.5 million euros, it is a “driving” project (Cluster 1) of a further intervention for the Regeneration of Albula Sports Field in Tivoli Terme (financed for 1 million euros and co-financed by the institution for 500 thousand euros).

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