Harmony offers foundations for college admission

In the search for educational alternatives for their daughters and sons up to grade 12, parents have a free option that they can choose regardless of the location of their residence: the Harmony public schools of Central Texas, which also have a focus on science. , technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Under a charter school scheme, which charges no tuition or enrollment fees and accepts every student who applies as long as seats are available, Harmony focuses on every student with small classrooms and a culture of support and excellence.

Mustafa Altindag, superintendent of the area, explained to El Mundo Newspaper, that each boy or girl is motivated to succeed through the combination of different learning methods, such as that received under the guidance of a teacher, in groups, by carrying out of projects or on their own.

“Harmony Public Schools sets high expectations for all of its students for one simple reason: We believe that every child can succeed if we give them the educational opportunities, tools, and boost they need in a safe, nurturing, and collaborative learning environment,” Altindag says.

The benefits of studying at Harmony continue at the university level because, in addition to the focus on STEM – the field to which the professions with the highest salary income belong – and the university preparation and career guidance programs, there is the possibility of obtaining free 60 credit hours from Austin Community College (ACC) through the Early College High School program, so students graduate with both their baccalaureate certificate and an associate degree.

“Additionally, we have an industry-based certification program where students will be able to earn more than 30 different certifications, from dental hygienist or programming to graphic design and more, allowing them the opportunity to earn money after graduation with us. to help support themselves while they study a university degree”, assures the manager of Harmony.

Altindag claims that its graduates have a 100% college acceptance rate, in addition to the fact that 64% of its high school students who go on to higher education are the first in their family to do so, a national average of 33%. and in Texas 25%.

In addition to sports for its middle and high school students, Harmony offers a variety of after-school programs and clubs, including tutoring and childcare. Students of all ages can choose from robotics, programming, rocketry, drones, arts, music, gardening, yoga, creative writing, leadership, and more.

Harmony Public Schools Central Texas is a School District with seven campuses in Austin, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville, with plans to open new schools in Leander and Georgetown. As charter schools, Harmony is a nonprofit institution that receives funding from the Federal and State governments, in addition to receiving public and private funds to finance many of its innovative academic programs, Altindag says. Some of these funds have been provided by the United States Department of Education; the Texas Education Agency; as well as the Bill & Melinda Gates, Michael & Susan Dell, KLE, and Elon Musk foundations, among others.



Of those who have graduated from a Harmony school and gone on to college, 98% graduate, compared to a national average of 84%. Over the past eight years, the average college enrollment immediately upon graduation from Harmony is 73%, compared to 61% nationally upon completion of high school and 45% for Texas in 2021. For those students, one year later, there is an average of retention of close to 85% for those who hail from Harmony, compared to 78% nationally and 65% in Texas during 2021.



A charter school is a public school like an Independent School District: students take the same core classes and take the same state tests, such as STAAR, and are subject to the financial and monitoring standards of the Texas Education Agency.

Harmony offers foundations for college admission