How to get pc and tablet for free

The Revenue Agency gives away computer equipment it no longer needs: computers, laptops, monitors, tablets and servers. He will donate them to those who cannot afford them. In fact, IT equipment abandoned by the tax authorities (because it is no longer usable for one’s business) could be suitable for other entities. The application must be sent by February 3, 2023. Who can take advantage of this unrepeatable opportunity?

The Revenue Agency sells PCs and tablets free of charge

The Revenue Agency has decided to give away computer equipment deemed “no longer usable” for its activities, giving it to those who need it most. The decommissioned PCs, laptops and tablets “could still be suitable for other entities”, for this reason the tax authorities have decided to carry out “the assignment free of charge to the entities that request it”. Who can submit the application? The beneficiaries are:

  • state schools;
  • equal educational institutions;
  • public administrations;
  • non-profit entities and organizations (including private ones).

The ranking will be published on 4 February 2023 and will be drawn up using the following decreasing priority criteria:

1) state scholastic institutes and joint scholastic institutes of local authorities (determined pursuant to article 1, paragraph 1-2, Law 62/2000);

2) all other public administrations (determined pursuant to article 1, Legislative Decree 165/2001);

3) other public and private bodies belonging to one of the following categories (not in order of priority):

  • non-profit associations and entities registered in the appropriate register of associations;
  • foundations and other public or private institutions with legal personality, not for profit;
  • unrecognized associations, pursuant to art. 36 CC, which have their own statutory instrument from which it is possible to unequivocally deduce the absence of profit-making purposes;
  • voluntary civil protection organizations registered in the appropriate registers, operating in Italy or abroad for humanitarian purposes;
  • private peer schools (determined pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 2, Law 62/2000);
  • other entities and bodies, not included in the previous points, whose activity assumes the characteristics of public utility.

As the decommissioned equipment becomes available for free transfer, in batches of 5 devices at the same location, the subjects participating in the transfer will be contacted in order of ranking and on a provincial basis.

Free computers and tablets: how to apply

Not only PCs, laptops and tablets, but also servers, monitors, keyboards and mice even if “some computers may be supplied without the aforementioned peripherals”, explains the Agency. The request to participate in the free transfer of IT equipment by the Agenzia delle Entrat can only be sent via certified email (PEC) to the mailbox by 12.00 on 3 February 2023 The request must be prepared using the online application “Phoenice” accessible at The identification code of this tender is “AE2023”. The system generates a phoenice.xml file which must be sent via PEC.

When completing the application, the requesting institution must also specify the province or provinces where it will be willing to go to collect the equipment. It should be emphasized that the packing and collection operations are the responsibility of the applicant. What if computers and tablets don’t work? “The equipment is supplied in the state of fact and law as the Agency owns it; the absence of operating defects is not guaranteed – specifies the taxman -. The entities benefiting from the transfer will therefore not be able to make claims against the Revenue in the event of equipment defects. The Revenue Agency will not provide any support or assistance on the equipment sold”.

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How to get pc and tablet for free