How to improve concentration in school? Prevent distractions and apply strategies to stimulate attention

Teaching to pay attention, to concentrate, for teachers it is above all a way to see each other ensured the attention of the students during their lessonsbut, also, to cultivate in them a skill that is useful throughout life. GO TO THE COURSE

How does attention relate to identity growth and structuring? What are the characteristics of the teacher who knows how to “keep the attention of the class alive”? What approaches and strategies can be more effective in promoting the attentional process in students?

In dealing with these and other questions on the subject, the training proposal of the School technique intends to offer teachers theoretical and operational tools to intervene more effectively and consciously on this fundamental variable, on the basis of the most recent scientific acquisitions in the field of didactic and of pedagogyfrom the psychology and of psychopedagogyof the cognitive sciences and some neuroscience.

The course

On these topics the course The attention and concentration of students in school and in study, scheduled from January 20, curated by Giovanni Morello.

Objectives of the course

  • Identify types of attention, critical issues and study errors that most involve students’ attention in their work
  • recognize the dynamics of the relationship between attention and emotions, motivation and growth path and consciously work on these
  • learn to develop meta-attentive skills (reflection, self-regulation) in students
  • design your own teaching taking into account the typical attention difficulties and sources of distraction of students
  • discuss the quality of one’s own teaching in its ability to activate attention in students
  • discuss the characteristics of one’s own communicative and relational approach with students, to identify errors, even underlying ones, to the detriment of the quality of their attentive involvement
  • identify lesson planning strategies that best favor the conditions for good attention retention in class by students.

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How to improve concentration in school? Prevent distractions and apply strategies to stimulate attention