In Santa Fe, Education “doesn’t make water and throws itself into the pool”: A real lifesaver!

By Rosa Rio

The basic rules of authentic journalism require developing the essence of the title in the first paragraph of the note. We could graph it with some numbers that say it all: 40,442 children and adolescents who, for some reason, did not meet the educational expectations, from schools in 259 towns in the province, are already enjoying a January linked to leisure, but also to the pedagogical and the link that allows sovereignty over one’s own personality to forge a character based on values. Thus, the school “recess” becomes an educational “process” with a statesman mentality and an objective as important as it is overcoming. Who said there is no good news?

But this was not done alone, nor in solitude: it is part of the national program Accompany, Bridges of Equality, and between August and December 2022 contributions were made to put the swimming pools in condition with an investment of 13,370,000 pesos.

So far the numbers. But what is sometimes not clear from the official communiqués is the humanistic facet that the subject includes. Because we are not talking about a simple holiday camp that ensures the practice of sport, the encounter with nature and the provision of a healthy snack. It is about something much deeper: trying to level up! I eat? With a staff of physical education teachers, special teachers, psychologists, social workers, therapeutic companions and mentors willing to work under a single slogan: to promote a more successful and productive 2023 school year. Undoubtedly, a true team of wills that will be acting as the very essence of “lifeguards” in the protection of future generations, those boys of initial, primary and secondary level who today, and not tomorrow, are needing the right word and the opportune example. when defining their destinations.

Taking a break from her tireless work, we spoke with Minister Adriana Cantero, who manages and supplies such an essential area as Education.

With the fatigue of Friday reflected on his face, shortly after beginning the conversation, he was exultant when we talked about Active Summer 2023: “It is the dream of open-door education, with ties that link beyond education, this renewed style of Communication with the school community fills us with frank joy”, she said as if she were a mother talking about her children’s virtues.

Undoubtedly, her own family (4 children and 6 grandchildren) support her in the pandemonium that means combining private and public life, not exempt from criticism and vicissitudes.

A teacher to the core, he went through all levels of education, from one side of the counter to the other. Teacher, school director, supervisor, university professor, pedagogical advisor at the Franciscan community school, founder of the first special center for severe brain disabilities, El Gurí; teaching and guiding in the wooded wedge, near Tartagal, between Vera and Reconquista, there in Intiyaco, which in Quechua means Waters of the Sun, we could say that throughout its existence “a lot of water passed under the bridge”, but the sun always came out to illuminate your teaching task.

“The School is something that I love very much,” he confessed to this chronicler point blank and could not help but be moved when he maintained that “it is a trade that enriches, sustains, summons and reconciles us with life.”

In what she called “universal service”, giving classes on a daily basis and this opening given on vacation to strengthen ties with the school, understanding education as a relationship style, the minister maintained the importance of deepening the bond with the student to recover it to the world of knowledge, approaching it on non-traditional axes that help its integral formation.

Paraphrasing his Health counterpart, he pointed out that after the universal pandemic, we turned out to be “survivors of fear, loss, uncertainty, and confinement” and that it was clearly demonstrated that face-to-face is never the same as virtual.

That is why he considered relevant this summer, recreational, playful, artistic, sports proposal, in which physical education, music, technology, and art teachers participated for its organization; students, parents, managers, with various previous meetings and gatherings that energized the engine of each of their actions, taking into account all the modalities of the system.

On this issue, the official was exhaustive: “We must return to the pedagogy of care in safe and protected spaces. This is what the educational community asks of us, in a silent cry. But not only that, awakening in each individual their own rights and capacities that make them a thinking being to be able to choose the path to travel in unity and coherence throughout their journey, initial, primary and secondary.

He also referred to the achievement, which does not appear in the big media headlines, which allowed, after intense work of multiple wills, to considerably increase the number of students in the system, easily exceeding the figures of 2019, highlighting the work of ” empowered schools” capable of reaching the heart of the transformations with courage and courage, and always, with an unconditional vocation and not “for the men and women of tomorrow” as they say, but for the children and young people of today.

The 880,000 books distributed among 360,000 children with truly inclusive policies and so that everyone can create their own library at home, were not absent from the auspicious dialogue maintained. And in another order of important issues, he also referred to the School Calendar and the importance of February 27 as a historical and relevant date for the birth of our national Ensign.

Minister Cantero said that “it is true that at the time when June 20, the date of the passage into eternity of Belgrano, its creator, was chosen as the date for the celebration of Flag Day, the presence of of children in schools, but it will be an act of historical justice to vindicate the true day that this happened in the Barranca de las Ceibas of that endearing chapel of Rosario del Pago de los Arroyos that this year celebrates the 200th year of the Declaration of Illustrious and Faithful Town”. Congratulations on healthy revisionism!

In Santa Fe, Education “doesn’t make water and throws itself into the pool”: A real lifesaver!