Increase in the price of the canteen: they are “tired of paying” in Mouy

Monday, January 23, several parents of students will challenge the mayor and elected officials of Mouy to make them give up the new pricing project for the school canteen. (© Illustration archives

A few days before the next municipal council of the city of Mouy (oise), tension is rising among the parents of students enrolled in several municipal services, such as extracurricular, leisure reception (without accommodation) or even, and above all, the canteen.

It is in particular the school catering which is at the origin of a wind of dissatisfaction and pushes some citizens of the municipality to want to challenge “Mr. Mayor” and elected officials, before the meeting of the Monday, January 23, 2023. The appointment is at 6:30 p.m. in the town hall parking lot.

“Tired of paying €5.30 for a meal! »

At the origin of this next mobilizationthe anonymous message of a subscriber of the page Mouy Facts who denounces the increase in the “potential future price list” of the school canteen, which will be debated during the municipal council on January 23rd.

Pricing project for the school canteen in Mouy (January 2023).
Pricing project for the school canteen in Mouy (January 2023). (© Mouy New Year’s Eve Ensemble)

“We suggest that you meet in front of the town hall in order to challenge the Mayor before the meeting to show our dissatisfaction! Tired of paying! 5.30 euros per meal, more expensive than a meal in college or high school! “, can we read on the Facebook post.

Contacted, the general director of services for the City of Mouy, Nathalie André, recalls that “already in September 2022, a first deliberation had ruled on the increase of these tariffs, and had been voted by all elected municipal officials.

Before adding, “However, they could not be put in place due to the delay in the deployment of our new software. We had already reported this change to our constituents using a simulator. And we had adjusted some prices after disgruntled people came forward.”

“A mode of calculation out of step”

In response to this message, the elected representatives of the opposition group “Together, wake up Mouy” invited the population to express their needs and demands. For Karim Lamaaizi, who ran for the last municipal elections, “there is a gap between the family quotients retained by the CIF and the method of calculation used by the municipality”.

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Other claims

The elected official of the opposition is also delighted with the related questions which emerge from this file. “We see that other details need to be reworked. This is the case of the price for people who follow a specific diet, who bring their own packed lunch and whose deduction is (only) €1, the subject of families who have to take out weekly subscriptions even if their child only goes there for two days because the parents have staggered or irregular schedules”.
More broadly, families have opened the discussion to the pricing of other municipal services, with reception in a leisure center during the holidays (ALSH) and after-school care (after class, on weekdays).

“Retaining the administration”

In fact, Nathalie André wishes to reassure: “this new reworked proposal will increase the rate by one ten families only, whose incomes have increased. For the rest, it will, on the contrary, reduce the expenses related to the canteen”.

About the subscriptions, weekly pricing seems necessary in order to “build the loyalty of citizens” and “stabilize the workforce”. A logic that would allow the municipality to lighten a complex organization. “Depending on the number of students, we need more or less facilitators to supervise them,” says the official.

“We are working on our copy”

As a reminder, the price fixing of meals in the canteen is applied, freely, in each municipality. In Mouy, Nathalie André points out that this new project is part of the “social pricing of school canteens” or “canteen at 1€”which involves the application of three tariffs.

“According to a recent study, the cost price of a meal at the Mouy canteen amounts to €9.50 ». Of course we would like to establish the free of this service in the municipality, but we do not have the means”, develops the civil servant.

Before concluding, “we have heard the citizens at numerous public meetings and we are registering the requests. Next Monday evening, we will once again be very attentive. And, for now, nothing is voted! »

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Increase in the price of the canteen: they are “tired of paying” in Mouy