Italian Sportrait Awards 2023, three nominations for rowing

Reward the uniqueness of sport. In other words, those who have impressed, moved, amazed us for an athletic gesture, for a victory, for an exultation and it doesn’t matter if they are an able-bodied athlete or an athlete with disabilities, because sport is unique, just as the emotions it transmits are unique. Italian Sportrait Awards returns in 2023 to recognize and crown those who have succeeded with their deeds in transmitting a teaching or a passion by simply trying with all their energy, throwing themselves body and soul in pursuit of a dream. An award for Italians, from all Italians, to those who made us feel proud of it.

This morning at the Boho Chic Restaurant – Piscina delle Rose – Viale America in Rome, during the Press Conference, the various nominations included in the Italian Portrait Awards (Top Men, Top Women, Revelation Men, Revelation Women, Young Men, Young Women, Top Men Team, Top Women Team, Youth Team, Mixed Team, The Champion of Boys) and the Special Prize that this year will be awarded to those he stood out in favor of inclusion not only in sports, against all diversities.

The nominations were defined by a jury composed of sports journalists, personalities from the world of sport, entertainment, culture and great athletes who have stopped their competitive activity as well as representatives designated by each Civil and Military Sports Group.

Three nominations for what concerns rowing: in fact, the commission considered it necessary to include, in the Youth Team category, the Under 19 female coxless four that won the World Title last year in Varese, we are talking about Benedetta Pahor (CC Saturnia), Lucrezia Monaci (CC Aniene), Giorgia Sciattella (CC Tevere Remo) and Elisa Grisoni (SC Lario), led by the Technical Director Franco Cattaneo. As for the Men’s Revelation category, the choice fell on Giacomo Perini (CC Aniene), European champion in single PR1 in Monaco and world vice-champion in the same specialty in Racice, who will also be in the running for the “Il Campione dei Lads”.

The Olympic taekwondo champion Carlo Molfetta was present, as well as the president of Confsport Italia Paolo Borroni who recalled how “We start again with a live press conference. We made a great effort also thanks to the 70 jurors among sports personalities who nominated 397 athletes, 70 teams, 37 young teams, 23 mixed teams. The final evening will take place in March also in relation to the commitments of the nominated athletes. I thank the military sports groups, the Defense General Staff, the sponsors who believed in our initiative because last year we had 500,000 votes which represent an important result that we want to implement”.

The conference was moderated by the former swimming champion as well as Sky commentator Cristina Chiuso, in the presence of representatives of the armed forces such as the lieutenant colonel of the Carabinieri Nicola Signorile, Vice President of the GS Lamberto Cigniti of the Red Flames, Commander of the core athletes T.Col. Aldo De Donno of the Fiamme Gialle and champions of water sports such as Francesca Segat, Martina Rita Caramignoli, Erika Ferraioli, Nicola Marconi and Giada Galizi. Also present were the managing director of Energia Capitale Nicola Ferretti, the Head of Credem Giovanni di Domenico. For the finalists of the special prize, the President of Fusolab APSSD Dario Mighetti, the Head of Sport Without Frontiers Onlus Geralda Xameta, Daniele Pasquini for Sport for inclusion network and the President Sandra Callegarin for Ryla Onlus.

From 19 January to 19 February it will be possible to vote for the nominees on the website With regard to the “Il Campione dei Ragazzi” award, voting may also take place through Sports Associations and Scholastic Institutes. The award will close in March with the Gran Soireè of sport in which the stylized Nikes symbol of the Italian Sportrait Awards will be presented.

The Italian Sportrait Awards is an event organized by Confsport Italia APSSD, an Association for Social and Sport Promotion active since 1991 and with legal personality, which aims to disseminate sport in all its disciplines through the promotion and organization throughout the national territory, in European and non-European countries of both amateur and competitive amateur sports activities aimed at the physical, moral and cultural training of citizens, as well as those cultural, recreational, leisure, extracurricular training and social tourism activities which can contribute to the enrichment of the human person. The Association also pursues welfare and social promotion purposes. The Italian Sportrait Awards was born in 2012 in an attempt to give a voice to all sports enthusiasts and supporters to elect the best Italian athletes, not only based on results, but above all by rewarding those who have been able to excite through their sporting performances and inspire with their behaviors on and off the competition field.

The Nominations

Italian Sportrait Awards 2023, three nominations for rowing – Italian Rowing Federation