La Paz primary school suffers three robberies in just 10 days

The director of the Elementary School “Roberto García Tortoledo”Jose Angel Murillo denounced to CPS News the theft of the didactic material on which the students relied for their daily learning.

The educational institution located in the streets of San Juana de Arco between San Isidro and San Ramón Nonato, in the Lagunitas neighborhood, has suffered 3 robberies in just 10 days after 2023. Previously, the lovers of foreign things had left the school without electricity, stealing all the wiring on two occasions.

Now a third criminal strike dealt last weekend, it left the 250 primary school students who are completing their school year without projectors and audio speakers.

“On Friday, when we went to the last session of the intensive workshop for teachers, the mayors realized that a room had been vandalized, so we went to check and the corresponding complaint was filed. Unfortunately the material they take is from children. They extracted a projector, the most valuable thing in the classroom, and one of the teaching speakers”Murillo commented.

At least two thieves entered the campus bypassing the fence during the early morning, and later destroyed the metal edge of the door of the room where the material is kept with an artifactto force entry and gain access with the intent to take electronic items.

“The door was forced, in fact right now personnel from the Ministry of Public Education are going to do the repair, because right now unfortunately we have no resources for this type of maneuver. We don’t know what device they used, but the door was completely damaged.”.

Due to the remoteness of the school from the urban area of ​​the city, The school manager urged the authorities to reinforce surveillance and security operations in the school areato prevent more robberies that directly affect all the children and educational personnel who live in the institution from happening again.

“We call on the community to support us by checking the schools, unfortunately we do not have the resource of a night watchman within the institution, and since we are a school that is a bit far from the area where there are more patrols, it lends itself to these kinds of situations. The authorities do their job, but they have told us that there are few patrols that are in place for the care of this entire sector, and since it is very large, unfortunately today it was our turn.”.

Jose Angel Murillo acknowledged the support of the SEP before the registered robberieswhich works as an intermediary maintaining communication with the police corporations to implement protection operations in the primary facilities.

“At the moment there is patrolling at dawn and we are managing so that the security that is around comes at night. We are even looking at the possibility that the people who are patrolling have the key to the school so that in that case they can enter and check it out”concluded the director of the primary school.

La Paz primary school suffers three robberies in just 10 days