Labor issues in other school service centers in the region

At CSS du Lac-Saint-Jean, 85 employees are expected to retire in 2024-2025, including 40 teachers.

Annual forecasts have been made by the organization since 2013 in order to anticipate the situation for the next four years.said Véronique Leclerc, communications advisor within the organization, in an email sent Thursday.

The center also specifies that several teaching and support staff positions have been added in recent years, following measures announced by the Ministry of Education.

The increase in the number of positions represents an increase of 16% in 10 years. This increase is greater for staff in special education and daycare services.

This is good news, because it allows us to offer services to students to improve their educational success. But it also puts pressure on all school service centers to recruit new resources.added Véronique Leclerc, communications advisor at the CSS of Lac Saint-Jean.


The school service center indicates that it is deploying several strategies to promote staff retention and recruit new workers. Additional employees have been added on the human resources side for this purpose.

There are no plans to cut 4-year-old kindergarten classes. A class will be added in 2023-2024, at Saint-Pierre school in Alma. The organization will thus have 17 primary schools out of 20 that offer the service.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, said he wanted to find another solution to avoid the closure of 4-year-old kindergarten classes at the Pays-des-Bleuets School Service Center.

The Minister of Education and Member of Parliament for Lévis, Bernard Drainville.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

He asked to meet with the general manager of the organization, after having learned in the media about the decision of the school service center cut about half of 4-year-old kindergarten classes in the next school year, due to staff shortages. There is currently a shortage of 200 employees.

La Jonquière school service center

As for the Center de services scolaire De La Jonquière, it is estimated that just over a third of the staff will be eligible for retirement within five years.

Needs will be greater for support workers, where 158 workers will be eligible for retirement, according to data released by the organization on Thursday.

As for teachers, 142 will be eligible for retirement, which represents 34% of teachers. The needs will be greater, particularly for teachers of French in secondary school, special education and mathematics or science in secondary school.

Currently, 18 jobs need to be filled, including eight daycare educator positions. A few daycare technicians, attendants for handicapped students, student supervisors and janitors must also be found.

There is no shortage of teachers within the organization, according to the data transmitted.

Rives-du-Saguenay School Service Center

On the side of the Center de services scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay, it is indicated that the situation remains fragile, like everywhere else but that all positions are currently filled, with the exception of a few specialist positions among professionals.

However, we make constant efforts in terms of attracting and retaining staff. We are constantly hiring to fill positions and replacements on a daily basis said Léanne Châteauneuf, communications advisor, in a response sent on Wednesday.

The school service center mentions that its priority is ensure that educational services to students are maintained.

Labor issues in other school service centers in the region