León is at the national head in the collection of paper and cardboard per inhabitant

The city of León is above the national average in terms of paper and cardboard recycling.

The City Council collaborates to train young people in caring for the environment with the launch of a self-composting campaign at the San Francisco Vocational Training School

The City Council of León, through the Department of Urban Development directed by Luis Miguel García Copete, collaborates with the San Francisco Vocational Training School in the implementation of a self-composting campaign. The students of the training center thus begin a training through which they will allocate food waste as well as waste from internal activities such as pruning to composting. The result of the activity will revert to the center itself, allocating the result to the care of its garden areas. The project was also born with the intention of growing and, in the future, being able to include worms in a lobriculture process.

García Copete visited the center this Thursday to get to know the activity up close. There she has met with the general and pedagogical director of the San Francisco Vocational Training School, Gabriel Silva, as well as with professors Isabel Rodríguez and Iván Pisabarros, both from the biology department. José Luis Morán, from Follow the Green Footprint, also participated in the meeting.

Take care of the immediate surroundings

The Department of Urban Development pursues with this type of collaboration to promote the need to take care of the most immediate surroundings as a sustainable action, which will improve the environmental conditions of the city. Luis Miguel García Copete thanked the aforementioned center for his involvement in which they also have recycling bins provided by the León City Council. «It is very important to work among the youngest to make them aware of the importance of taking care of our environment as a guarantee of the future. In this aspect, much remains to be done and, without a doubt, it must be a joint effort of the whole of society”, expressed the councilor who has emphasized the good work of the people of Leon in this aspect with, for example, recycling.

Figures improve

The León City Council continues to improve its selective collection figures. During the year 2021, the selective collection of waste in the city exceeded the figures for 2020, so that 4,100 tons of paper and cardboard were collected. This represents 34 kilos per inhabitant with an increase of 2 kilos compared to 2020. As for glass, they collected 2,179 tons reaching 19 kilos per inhabitant per year, increasing by one kilo per person compared to the previous year. The collection of containers also grew to 2,080 tons, this being 17 kilos per inhabitant, which also represents an increase of one kilo compared to 2020, in which this figure was 16 kilos per citizen.

With these figures, the city of León is in the average for recycling in Spain with respect to glass and packaging and is at the forefront in the collection of paper and cardboard since León continues to account for 36 kilos per inhabitant while the national average that It settles at around 22.

It should also be noted that this improvement in selective collection represents a reduction of 0.7 percent in the collection of mixed waste, which has gone from accounting for 76.7 percent of total waste to 76 percent.

León is at the national head in the collection of paper and cardboard per inhabitant