More than two thousand students were trained on the recycling of used vegetable oil

January 26 is the World Day of Environmental Education, a date that is celebrated internationally in order to emphasize the importance of education as a generator of awareness about caring for our planet and the idea that we must incorporate tools from all educational fields to rebuild our bond with nature. In this line heSchools take center stage as a space for construction and commitment for the new generations.

Recycling takes center stage in this context: from plastics to cardboard, glass and paper, they can be recycled and become raw material for other processes. It is also the case, but less well known, of the used vegetable oil: the oil used by restaurants and the one we use at home to fry Milanese or french fries.

Just one liter of used cooking oil can contaminate up to a thousand liters of water and make the land fertile. Because, The DH-SH company, with its “Recycle your Oil” campaign, developed its Environmental Education Program in 2018 that gained special relevance in recent years, boosted by the rise of virtuality. “Thanks to the implementation of the virtual modality for our training, we were able to reach, in 2022, more than 60 schools across the country with a high commitment to learning and generating new habits,” he says. Antonella Druetta, Head of Environment at DH-SH.

The company located in Capitán Bermúdez for 20 years, with experience in logistics and sanitation of the oil industry, carries out the campaign “Recycle your Oil” that is dedicated to the collection and conditioning of used cooking oil. The collected waste becomes raw material for the production of second generation biofuels. The campaign reaches 15 provinces of the country with the signing of agreements with municipalities for the management of large generators, the installation of green points and the implementation of actions with the community and schools.

The Environmental Education Programwhich consists of virtual talks on the oil life cycle accompanied by digital material to work in class, has already reached more than two thousand students. “We count from the time the seed is sown, to the pressing to make the oil, its production and distribution circuit, its consumption, to how to generate its disposal and how is our work in the plant”, summarizes Druetta. Registration is free and free and is now open for the 2023 cycle through the email

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2146 students of six provinces of the country they accessed the training carried out by the firm: Santa Fe, Entre Ríos, Salta, Corrientes, Mendoza and Buenos Aires. Of the total, 455 belonged to the primary level Y 1250 at the secondary level; for his part, 381 were teachers Y 60 municipal references.

The trainings are virtual and given by Environment professionals, with the aim of raising awareness but also providing tools to work in classmultiply the message and incorporate new habits aimed at rethinking our forms of consumption, revaluing our natural resources and take responsibility and action towards the care of the planet.

“The students acquired new knowledge in reference to the recycling of oil specifically. The objective remains to carry out in practice what has been learned in the trainings,” said Mauricio Corsoni, a teacher at the Bigand Professional Technical Education School 327, Santa Fe.

For his part, from the Normal School “María Luisa Román de Frechou”, Saladas, Corrientesassured that “the learning experience highlighted the importance of establishing links with entities that can collaborate in our humble activity and carry out the school proposal with lines of action that contribute to the care of our environment.”

During 2022, DH-SH signed 42 agreements, which gives a total of 70 municipalities that have already joined the campaign. In turn, the company has almost 300 points distributed in 7 provinces, many of which are located in schools. They receive the used vegetable oil generated in homes in tightly closed plastic bottles.

About the company:

DH-SH SRL is a family business, founded in 1993, in Capitán Bermúdez, Province of Santa Fe, dedicated to the logistics, sanitation and comprehensive management of waste from the oil industry.

In 2017, it developed its Used Cooking Oil Collection Program in which it involves the community with its green points, the gastronomic industry and is committed to raising awareness in the educational community with awareness programs. It has the ISCC certification that guarantees its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and caring for the environment.

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More than two thousand students were trained on the recycling of used vegetable oil –