Nurse’s Day, professionals between family and patients

Reynosa, Tamps.- Margarita Table Hernandez45 years old, a nurse reynosense, talks about the dedication to his laudable profession in the face of caring for small cancer patients on this border and the responsibility that comes with it, while, on the other hand, there is the care of a large family.

The nurse pediatrician spends his time at the General Regional Hospital of Specialties of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) Number 270, which is located in Reynosa.

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Currently, he is part of the program team ONCO CREATE, that offers the patient an approved, timely and quality care, with specialized and high-tech treatments.

He pointed out that throughout the country there are 35 State Reference Centers for the Care of Boys and Girls with Cancer (ONCO CREATE)and in April 2019 in the city of Reynosa it was the first to be created.

“Our attention that we provide is to all pediatric beneficiaries from 0 to 19 years of age, currently we have the capacity of the hospital area, external consultation, operating room and outpatient chemotherapy”explained the nurse Margarita Table.

Nursing: between family and profession

Daisy flower She explains that she is the mother of a family, of two young children and, furthermore, the grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren which, combined with work, is a difficult challenge. At the beginning of the program in the hospital, it was difficult to understand why she had to go through this terrible disease with the little ones, since no one should suffer it.

However, the vocation, dedication and professionalism, has made this distinguished company stronger every day. nurse pediatrician, to be able to give timely, specialized, quality care, warmth for patients and emotional support to their families by supporting their little hands when they need it most.

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Nursing staff are considered angels on earth.

A nurse it does not only heal wounds, support doctors or apply medicines. Their role is described metaphorically by those who have been patients at some point as angels incarnated in people with a deep vocation for service.

And it has a lot of truth, because on them falls the enormous responsibility that represents being the support and the physicians assistantof being the ones who operate the process of immediate care, monitoring and recovery of patients, of being in those who have the task of curing the physical and alleviating the soul.

This Friday is celebrated in Mexico the Nurse day and from any modest office to an intensive care room, an operating room or any other area that cares for people in health centers, public and private hospitals, they are always attentive, ready to fulfill their vocation.

These are three stories from those who followed his vocation and today they practice a profession that satisfies them, at the same time that they have become an essential part of the recovery and health care of the people.

Nurse María Victoria and her desire to help

Maria Victoria Hernandez Hernandez She is a Nursing auxiliary soldier and her story as a nurse has a similar origin to that of all the people who dedicate themselves to this work: The desire to help recover the health of their loved ones in principle and of their neighbor in addition.

María Victoria works at the Tampico Regional Hospitalwhere she was discharged as a member of the army when she finished her studies in 2017, two years before the covid pandemic began, something that marked her for life.

“At first it was a bit difficult because I missed my family, but here I was socializing, I began to meet more people and have more relationships with my other colleagues. Therefore, without my family, I no longer feel so alone here.” admits.

Remember that the pandemic gave her the opportunity to confirm the strength of her vocation and made her more sensitive, since it is shocking to see how people arrived at the hospital seeking treatment for complications derived from the covidbut in many cases the patients lost the battle against the disease.

“Something that marked me was the pandemic, seeing the patients who were dying. Three to four patients died practically in one day. It was when I remembered that I decided to study military nursing because it is a career that helps others, it is having a lot of love for people and it is impressive to see the beginning and end of the life cycle”, He says.

Nurse Janet: transitioned from civilian to military life

the one of Janet Camila Morales It is the story that many people who decided to go from civilian life to the military have also lived, through their professional training in nursing, a vocation discovered early.

Janet is a military nurse Lieutenant, she began her career as a civilian studying at the Autonomous University of Puebla, where it originates from. She says that after being convinced of what she wanted to be in her life, she discovered that in the military health system she could have the opportunity to serve, while she would have access to better opportunities for professional and family development.

“I come from a public school in Puebla. Subsequently, I caused discharge here in the middle military, which I entered as a soldier. Later I went to the training school and I went up the grades to the one that I have currently reached. I have been in the field for six years and my greatest satisfaction from being here is seeing the patient, helping him in those moments when he is convalescing and needs someone else’s care ”comment.

Janet points out that in the routine of every nurse, it does not matter if they are just starting out in the profession or have been around for a long time, it is natural to see that they dedicate themselves with love, patience and a true vocation of service to tasks such as health care, lively talk or even others such as the daily bath for patients who need more support because they cannot fend for themselves.

“I believe that for me and for my colleagues in the area of ​​the Health It has been the most difficult stage, because we really were not prepared for a situation of this magnitude. The most shocking thing that I have gone through during my career and in between, has been seeing my own colleagues and family members hospitalized, including me, because at that time I also got infected in an outbreak that occurred in the unit where I was ”, reminisce.

Her story is unique, because she does not come from a military family and yet her parents always supported her to study this specialty.

Nurse María Guadalupe is from the second generation of nurses

Captain First Nurse Maria Guadalupe Balcon Pacheco She is head of the Pediatric ward at the Tampico Military Hospital and represents the second family generation in nursing.

His mother is a retired military nurse and from her he learned discipline and life in the armywhich awakened his vocation, which is why he decided to study this profession in which he has seen many situations that have generated sadness and joy, such as participating in support and rescue work for victims in natural disasters or caring for children who they arrive at the hospital.

“My greatest satisfaction is doing my job with love and patience, really seeing that the children leave happy and healthy and that we can bring peace of mind and help. When parents arrive and leave us their sick children, they leave us the most important thing they have in their lives, so we do our job with great pleasure and seeing them healthy and happy is something very nice ”, it states.

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Due to his work, he has had the opportunity to provide his services in medical units in various parts of the country, in addition to attending as part of the troops and personnel that attend cases of natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.

“One thing that marked me within our activities that we carry out is that they send us to help when the Plan DNIIIE, in which it has touched me from floods to the last thing that was the covid. Seeing that people were left with absolutely nothing during natural disasters are very sad situations, really. As much as one wants, well, you do as far as you can to help people, so that suffering of those people is something very sad ”, refers.

With information from Yadira Hernandez.

Nurse’s Day, professionals between family and patients