promoters of ancient and modern culture”

They have been subscribed last Monday, in Provinceto Crotonthe conventions for the start of planned actions in favor of the pupils of secondary schools superiors within the project “Young people: promoters of ancient and modern culture”.

The funded project by UPI Provincegiovani for a total amount of 62,500 EURthanks to the commitment of the delegated provincial councilor Francesco Sirianni and of the entire reference sector, has the objective of fight against early school leavingand is part of the programmatic lines drawn up by the President of the institution Sergio Ferrari at the time of his establishment.

Putting school, training and education back at the center of administrative actionFerrari underlinedit is indispensable, and it must be done by focusing on territorial specificities to allow harmonious and lasting social, cultural and therefore economic development. This project will make it possible to intervene where there are critical issues and where the danger of early school leaving is higher and more concrete, and it will be done by exploiting the identity heritage of the territory”.

The intervention was proposed in close fitting with the needs and requirements of the recipientsaiming to promote the educational success of young people from between the ages of 14 and 35providing for activities calibrated on the basis of the specific characteristics of the age groups.

The foreseen actions are: the activation of motivational workshops for pupils at risk of dropping out; Of Scholarships to encourage pupils in the training course; Of laboratories for making clothes of the ancient culture; Of training courses for parents and teachers regarding the problems associated with early school leaving.

Also, activating a training course for Apprentice Guides; the setting up of historical and cultural exhibitions on the heritage of the Province of Crotone; the organization of promotion events historical-cultural opening and closing; the creation of one Digital platform and of a website made by the pupils involved; the creation of Brochures, leaflets, plans and anything else foreseen for the dissemination of the project.

The duration is 10 months starting from last December 6th and until next October 6th. The partners of the project and signatories of the agreements are the Province of Crotone (as Lead Partner), the US ACLI APS of Crotone; the IIS Pertini/Santoni of Crotone; the Filolao Scientific High School of Crotone; the IPSIA Barlacchi of Crotone.

At the meeting on Monday took President Sergio Ferrarithe councilor in charge of youth policies Francesco Siriannithe adviser Raffaele Garerithe manager of the sector Alfonso Cortesethe project manager of the project Angela Macrithe project secretariat Apa Sundaythe reporting expert Andrew Bellthe Director of the IPSIA Barlacchi Institute of Crotone Rina Serafina Ananiasthe director of the Filolao Scientific High School of Crotone Maria Rosaria IaccarinoDSGA Pertini Santoni Institute of Crotone Marianna Valeriothe teacher of the Pertini Santoni Institute of Crotone Francis Nicoterathe contact person for the CPS Provincial Council of Students Santino Marian.

promoters of ancient and modern culture”