Readmission to retired teachers, applications by 15 January. Who assigns the venue and when

The already retired teacher, who requests and obtains readmission to service, to which location is he assigned? Who and how is involved in the procedure?

Readmission to service


The institution of the readmission to service of personnel terminated by the same due to resignation or retirement is provided for by article 132 of Presidential Decree no. 3/1957, the provisions of which have been contextualized in the school environment by article 516 of Legislative Decree 297/94 (remember that the article refers to the aforementioned DPR 146 of the CCNL school 2007, still in force for what is not provided for in the CCNL 2016/18 which, shortly, will be rewritten, after the agreement on the economic part).

Criteria and conditions

The readmission to service takes place according to the following criteria and conditions:

  • readmission is subject to the availability of the position/chair;
  • readmission cannot take place if the termination of service has occurred in application of provisions of a transitory or special nature;
  • personnel readmitted to service take on the legal and economic position they occupied at the time of termination;
  • the readmission provision is adopted: for managerial staff, by the Director of the USR of the chosen Region; for teaching, educational and ATA staff, by the Director of the USR where the chosen province is located.

We point out that the readmission measure or not takes place, as we read in the CM 194/1990, following an investigation aimed at identifying on the one hand the presence of reasons, essentially of an educational nature, which suggest the possible adoption of the provision for readmission to service and on the other the absence of disciplinary sanctions or other impediments to the issuance of the provision.


The readmission application is presented according to the indications provided by ministerial circulars no. 194 of 20 July 1990 and n. 155 of 11 June 1991.

The application must state:

  • personal data;
  • the place of ownership prior to the termination;
  • (for secondary school teachers) the competition class they belong to at the time of termination;
  • (for ATA personnel) the professional profile to which they belong at the time of termination;
  • the cause of the termination;
  • the reasons for which readmission is requested, attaching any documentation considered useful for the purposes of the assessments to be made for the adoption of the measure;
  • the preferences relating to the offices of the province of interest;
  • his assent or refusal to accept an official assignment, in the event of unavailability of the requested offices;
  • contact details for any communications.

The application must be submitted, by January 15:

  1. to the USR of the Region where the chosen province is located and to the USP manager of that province, by the teaching, educational and ATA staff;
  2. to the Regional School Directorate chosen by the school leaders.

When you are readmitted

If the application is accepted, readmission will take place from the school year following the date of the measure.


One of our readers asks:

I am a Primary School teacher who has been retired since September 2022 with 41 years and ten months of service and 63 years of age. I would like to request reinstatement into service, as per the regulations, by 15 January (indicating those in my country of residence as offices). I ask: Which office determines the place of eventual reinstatement? After what movements is the seat determined?

Q1. Which office determines the location of any reinstatement?

R1. The site is assigned by the USR/USP, to which the application for readmission to service was presented, on the basis of the preferences expressed.

Q2. After what movements is the seat determined?

R2. The seat is assigned after the mobility operations (transfers and passages). The posts destined for readmission to service are calculated on the basis of a rate applied to the posts destined for provincial transfers. This rate is 10%. Therefore, as we read in the CM 194/1990, if in the course of the movements all the places destined for inter-provincial transfers and transfers are assigned, there will not be any readmission to service operations in these provinces. If, on the other hand, at the end of the inter-provincial transfers and passages, a number of places equal to or greater than 10% remain, the aforementioned readmission operations will take place.

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Readmission to retired teachers, applications by 15 January. Who assigns the venue and when