Reasons to see ‘Abbott College’, the winner of the Golden Globes has returned the “sitcom” to the place it deserves

With the advent of streaming, the hegemony of drama-comedy hybrids (dramedia) that in most cases extend the duration of their episodes, being able to reach up to 60 minutes. Comedies on free-to-air television in the United States seemed like a dying genre.a format condemned to disappear without anyone being able to avoid it, then it came Abbott College.

The series created by Fifth Brunson It is an unusual case in today’s television: an instant success on free-to-air TV. The number of viewers who flock to traditional television screens may no longer seem as impressive as they used to be, but for a series to achieve win over the audience at first sightand at a time when generalist television seems to be constantly writing the chronicle of his announced death, it is an achievement worthy of recognition.

With the arrival of the end of This is Us, Black-ish Y Modern Family (the only mainstream comedies to win awards presence in the last decade) seemed impossible to generate new hits, but Abbott College has shown that it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, hire only famous actors or rely on intellectual property to attract attention: good material premiered at the right time you will always find your audience

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With its first season (available on Disney+), Has got three Emmy Awards, three Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations and six at the Critics Choice Awards. The second season, currently airing on ABC, maintains a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and has received critical acclaim for having risen to the challenge of proving that its initial success was no fluke. It was renewed this week for a third seasonwhen there are still 10 episodes of the second to be broadcast.

Queta Brunson with one of the three Golden Globes for ‘Abbott College’

a perfect recipe

Created and starring Fifth Brunsonthis series of 25-minute episodes shot as mockumentary follows a group of teachers at a Philadelphia public elementary school as they try to do their jobs to the best of their ability despite underfunding, the glitches and cheating of the public system, low pay, and the domination of Ava, their flamboyant , self-satisfied and inept director.

The office Y parks and recreation They are references from which he does not hide, but he has managed to take the best of these series and find his own way. Ava (Janelle James), the character of the director is a version of michael scottbut the cocktail gathers the best of both worlds by adding the inspiring spirit and aura of the happy place with Janine, who shares the optimism and desire to work for the community of leslie knope.

It works from the first episode

The precise looks at the camera of the characters in 'Abbott College'.

The precise looks at the camera of the characters in ‘Abbott College’.

the characters of Abbott College from the first episode they get the complicity, the good vibes and the laughter of a look at the camera at the right time without the need to articulate a word. And it is not an easy task, this is a resource that can be artificial and forced when used without intention or without rhythm, two things that this series has in abundance.

A comedy of a lifetime, a happy place

In recent years it seems that comedy can only be interesting when it has dramatic components. With much hybrid of arbitrary duration It’s exhilarating to find a series that respects the difficult challenge of making a 25 minute script that runs like clockwork 25 minutes.

In addition, it is a series that we can trust when we want to see something that leaves a good taste in our mouths, that now we have to be careful with everything that falls under the label “comedy” because at any moment they can nail us stab in the heart or kick in the stomach.

It’s a love letter to the public school

Brunson was inspired by her passion for school as a child and by teachers like her own mother, making it a series that professes great affection, respect and admiration for teachers in the public sector.

It is set in a public school forgotten by the system, but its charm lies in the fact that it seeks a way to be realistic without emphasizing political messages or wallowing in the drama of each situation. All a merit.

At a time when real life and fiction overflow with cynicism and material for nightmares, this type of fiction is a necessary refuge.

Reasons to see ‘Abbott College’, the winner of the Golden Globes has returned the “sitcom” to the place it deserves