redesigning tomorrow

We are all invited to reimagine our futures together. We are obliged to redesign tomorrow around the principles of cooperation, collaboration and solidarity, tuning the entrepreneurial and hopeful forces of sustainability in a responsible way to build the world we need and want.

It is necessary to begin by awakening institutions and people whose agenda does not include tomorrow and who live terrified of the future, as expressed by the French philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky: “The same people who want to live in the present live anxiously and terrified of the future.”

Let’s do a reflection exercise on the redesign of the future through the analysis of the valuable Documentary “Redesigned Tomorrow or how to design the future”,Presented by IKEA within the framework of the 2021 edition of the Madrid Design Festival.

Its director, the Basque filmmaker Pedro Aguilera, addresses from various disciplines how we must design the future to face the ecological, demographic, economic and coexistence challenges that we face.

The film features the participation of Vicente Guallart, an expert in the interaction between nature and technology; Juhani Pallasmaa, former director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture; Stephanie Chaltiel, founder of MuDD architects.

It also features authoritative voices from other disciplines, such as Mar Romera, educational psychologist and expert in emotional intelligence; the philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky; the designer and activist for the conservation of the oceans, Cyrill Gutsch and the director of IKEA expert in sustainability, Jeanette Skjelmose.

The 46-minute documentary is of great interest to governments, ministers, legislators, public policy designers, businessmen and business entities, municipal authorities, universities, technical-professional training institutions, economists, planners, sociologists, psychologists, media, communicators, teachers, students and citizens in general,

Designer and eco-innovation and ocean conservation activist Cyrill Gutsch tells us: “We get to a point in humanity where we realize that the way we have designed our lives, our presence on this planet is flawed and destructive. It has led us to a situation where our survival and our future are in jeopardy.”

The philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky declares: “We must be capable of redesigning the world and above all we have to do it; the ecological challenge and the demographic challenge and also coexistence… I am convinced that the solution for the future lies in innovation, it lies in the development of human intelligence, in the development of science and new technologies”.

Regarding technological progress, in the documentary about the future made by IKEA, it is specified that industry and technology must not be slowed down, but that a great leap must be taken and given a great boost.

The ecological revolution requires the mobilization of all the actors in social life. Three large instances must be mobilized, that is, the states, private companies and research organizations.

Education constitutes one of the levers for the redesign of tomorrow starting from the individual himself. For the educational psychologist Mar Romera “the future of the planet comes hand in hand with education, childhood is the most valuable raw material”. In addition, it is committed to a school in which the walls of the traditional school are “broken” and which “help each child find their best version”

For his part, Gilles Lipovetsky points out: “Redesigning the world implies redesigning education and in particular the school. The world of tomorrow will be better if women and men do not consider ourselves just producers, but as people who can express themselves, do the things we love and give a place to teaching arts and the humanities at school”.

We are not starting from scratch here. It is encouraging Future in Action Program of the company Cemex Dominicana in which both its collaborators and families are sensitized to build a future in harmony with the care of the environment. There are other companies with the same commitment.

Move to see and analyze the documentary “Redesigned Tomorrow or how to design the future”what was expressed in it by Gilles Lipovetsky: It is not by looking back with nostalgia that the challenges of the future must be faced.”.

redesigning tomorrow