Renán Barrera inaugurates the facilities of the Smartium International School

  • Renán Barrera inaugurates the facilities of the Smartium International School-193078

Mérida, Yucatán, January 31, 2023.- Mayor Renán Barrera Concha stressed that Mérida assumes its responsibility with Yucatán as an educational benchmark in the southeast, through the training of professional, innovative and high-level human resources.

When inaugurating the Smartium International School building, where he was accompanied by Mauricio Castillo Espinoza, general director of the educational institution, and Bárbara Briones Pérez, partner and CEO of Smartium Academic Group, the Mayor recognized that the quality of the education that is offered in Mérida is a hallmark that attracts students from other cities in the country and the world.

In the presence of Ligia Cicero Galán, head of the Department of State High Schools of the SEGEY, as well as teachers, students and parents of that school community, Barrera Concha pointed out that education is one of the main policies of social and cultural responsibility for the City Council, because it represents the well-being of the present and the future of our city.

“I want to congratulate you because beyond any economic investment, of any educational style or model, what we are seeing here today in these facilities is precisely that there is a teaching that allows strengthening the human quality of students and forming good citizens,” he said. .

In this sense, he considered that this important institution, first in Mérida and third in the southeast based in Quintana Roo, offers an innovative and inclusive educational offer of first level, where the constant improvement of each one of the aspects of educational development is privileged. , artistic and sporting of his students.

Likewise, he highlighted the use of clean energy implemented in this educational project, which, in addition to generating jobs in the Municipality, takes advantage of the use of technology by having 656 solar panels, which generates savings in terms of pollution and favors environmental care.

Barrera Concha added that the City Council makes an extraordinary effort to offer more and better quality public services to the population, to keep Mérida as a benchmark in quality of life worldwide.

“I think we all agree that we have a great city, that we have to take care of and preserve, we are the fourth best city in the world to visit according to tourists and Lonely Planet magazine, where we have a better quality of life, peace, security, harmony and That is the great challenge and great challenge that we have to work on”, he stressed.

In his speech, Castillo Espinoza thanked the presence of the Mayor, whom he expressed deep admiration for developing the city, not only in the field of public services, but also in economic, social, educational, cultural and sports matters.

“Knowing the place and valuing all the benefits of the Mérida area, it was defined that it was the strategic place to found Smartium International School and build a different educational offer that has managed to cover the great demand of families in our state, of other states in the country and other parts of the world look for when they want to educate their children globally,” he said.

For his part, Briones Pérez stressed that the institution is committed to innovation and educational excellence through the use of cutting-edge neuro-learning and emotional intelligence tools, relevant aspects for the comprehensive training of citizens who can face the challenges of the future. .

“At a crucial moment in our country, we need more than ever to be Mexicans committed to the development and growth of Mexico and our beloved Mérida; we recognize that the only way to stand out in a highly competitive environment is to seek excellence and that this can only be achieved through education”, she stated.

Likewise, he reported that the institution, whose operation began in 2021, currently has a school enrollment of 322 students of multicultural origin from various countries of the world, who are in preschool, primary, and secondary grades. Likewise, it receives 39 inclusion students with some neuro-diversity (S. Down, ADHD, Autism, Mutism, Sensory, Epilepsy).

He also announced that the project contemplates expanding its classrooms to a total of 60, equipped with the latest technology to teach an average of 1,450 students from preschool to high school, with a significant investment of 275 million pesos.

The event was attended by councilor Rafael Rodríguez Méndez, president of the Youth, Sports and Education Commission; María José Cáceres Delgado, Director of Social Development, and Aldo Díaz Novelo, Deputy Director of Education.

On behalf of the Secretary of State Education (SEGEY) was Flor Alicia Padilla Pantoja, head of the Department of Private Schools; Ernesto Cicero, visitor of area 18 and Nice Gómez Sosa, in charge of the Secondary area.

Renán Barrera inaugurates the facilities of the Smartium International School