Responsible adoption of “puppies” is requested

The Municipality in conjunction with APPA encourages the adoption of elderly pets.

The current General Pico Canine Shelter houses 169 dogs and bitches, among which are those that are between approximately six months and one year old, called by those who work in said shelter, as “puppies.” The municipal Zoonoses and Vectors Directorate, together with APPA, the Piquense Animal Protection Association, constantly promotes their adoption with the aim of having a happy ending.

Due to their age, these pets need a containment space larger than the current one to use their energy in play and coexistence with other peers, as part of their socialization.

It is important to mention that the “cubs” have an advanced physical development, so the approximate size that they will have once they are adults can already be known. In addition, after this time of life they will have overcome the most dangerous infectious diseases that they can suffer as puppies.

It is worth mentioning that they are currently receiving special care, so once adopted, they will be neutered, dewormed, vaccinated against rabies and cared for by the Shelter’s veterinarians. Even so, and as part of responsible ownership, it is recommended to continue with a reinforcement of the corresponding schedule.

In order to visit the dogs, residents can visit the establishment located at Calle 44 y 5 from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., previously coordinating at 2302-534142. You can also come on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 4:00 p.m.

Animal rights management

With the aim of solving the problem of stray dogs and always thinking about their well-being and protection, the Municipality of General Pico carried out almost 4,000 castrations of dogs and cats last year in the eleven basic Social Services, in an articulation task that was proposed at the beginning of management.

Despite the great work carried out, the neighbors who take turns are once again asked to communicate if they cannot attend, since between 60 and 80 castrations are rescheduled, generating a logistical complication for the entire community and slowing down the processes.

New Dog Shelter

The municipality is also carrying out a work that aims to improve the quality of life of the dogs during their stay and until they are adopted by a family. The new Canine Shelter will be located on a plot of the Field School of the Experimental and Productive Didactic Unit (UDEP) of the National University of La Pampa, it will have extensive facilities and a decent, healthy and safe place for 198 animals.

The space will have isolation and quarantine modules for the proper control of diseases that may be contagious between the dogs that are in the shelter. It will also have an operating room container, an office for staff and a sector for the collection and proper treatment of waste.

Responsible adoption of “puppies” is requested