Saltillense Youth Institute opens doors to children in vulnerable situations

For more than 50 years, the Saltillo Youth Institute shelters, advises and cares for children who for different reasons are vulnerable.

Currently, it has 37 males between the ages of six and 17 who live from Sunday to Friday in the facilities of the La Libertad neighborhood, where they receive food, transportation to school and academic, psychological and spiritual counseling. They are also cared for by nurses during the afternoon and evening.

In addition, they receive painting, music and emotion control workshops for the little ones and carpentry and blacksmithing for the older ones, tools that serve them once they reach the age of majority.

According to the director of the Institute, Javier Ramos Sotelothere are many factors that cause children to end up in the foster home, such as the abandonment, drug addiction and work of the parents, as well as cases of alleged sexual abuse.

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counted for VANGUARD that there are cases like that of two brothers who were left in the care of their grandmother, because their grandfather “does nothing”they were abandoned by their father and the mother constantly presents problems of addiction to crackwhich led him to disappear for periods of six months, then return to bring men into his home and get more money or drugs. “Imagine seeing that every day”, He pointed to Ramos, who assured that the children witnessed this type of scenario.

In addition, he explained that there is the case of another child who was also abandoned by his father, and while his mother went to work, she had to stay with a vegetable vendor who took care of him while he attended his business and the child missed classes without counseling for his children. chores.

The priest pointed out that his services are totally free and they only ask family members to attend a circle of parents once a week or do service hours, because she assured that they always have the doors open so they can see their children, how they live and what they do in the home.

The Children and Youth Consultation 2021 of the National Electoral Institute in Coahuila was able to survey 216 children and adolescents in street situation, of which 67.59 percent are male.

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In addition, it was able to identify 7,604 minors who do not attend school, of which 72.72 percent are between 10 and 13 years of age. Likewise, in that same age range, the survey showed data such as that 7.14 percent of those consulted assured that the adults who care for them “never” they treat them with love and affection.

The house is adapted to receive 80 children, so if someone requires the Institute services you can call 844 431 5427 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and schedule an appointment with the social worker, or go to the facilities located in the Francisco Arizpe y Ramos street 836.

The Board of Trustees of the Institute continues to accept donations such as the one received last week with the Alsuper roundingas they seek to integrate more workshops, waterproof their facilities and improve their computer lab.

Saltillense Youth Institute opens doors to children in vulnerable situations