Scardovari’s big day

On the morning of Monday 9 January, the seat of the Scardovari primary was inauguratedafter the redevelopment works. The primary building, in fact, had remained closed, with the transfer of pupils, following a collapse.

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The mayor Roberto Pizzoli, the deputy mayor Silvana Mantovani, the councilors Diego Marchesini and Tania Bertaggia, the president of the municipal council Lorenzo Gibin, the councilor Silvia Siviero, the head of the Technical Office the Arch. Giorgio Portesan, Eng. Michelangelo Micheloni who elaborated the redevelopment project, the Director Silvana Rinaldi and the school staff, the Local Police, the Carabinieri and with the blessing of Don Ermanno welcomed the parents and the students who were able to return to their desks and celebrate the long-awaited return to their school with the banquet set up by I Gustabili.

The parents of Linda Marangon were present, with whom the commemorative plaque positioned inside the school was unveiled, as a tribute from the municipal administration, dedicated to their daughter, prematurely passed away from the affection of the community of Scardovari and all of Porto Tolle, on 14 May 2021.

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The presentation of the project was held in the early morning in the council room, developed by Studio Micheloni Srl.

Mayor Roberto Pizzoli: “Today is a very important day because we are giving back to the community a building that is part of the history of our municipality. First of all, thanks to the families and their children, for the sacrifices made in recent months, which we have tried to alleviate as much as possible through free transport to the municipal center for secondary school students, who have left their premises to primary school students . It was a work carried out in synergy, therefore thanks to the Rinaldi manager and to the teachers, class representatives, Councilor Diego Marchesini, Arch. Giorgio Portesan and Eng. Michelangelo Micheloni, the Social Health Office, the Coop. Oasi and the Local Police. Today they return to a transformed, redeveloped and completely safe site, whose works have been worth over 350 thousand euros of entirely municipal funds, certainly part of one of the largest public works of our mandate. The only regret remains the timing, extended by a couple of months compared to what was hoped for. The delay was due to the difficulty of finding resources, in fact a change in the budget was necessary, and to issues such as delays in the delivery of building raw materials, which as we know do not depend on our will”.

The Ass. Diego Marchesini: “The headquarters of the primary school in Scardovari is today a functional building for the growth of our little fellow citizens. It’s been a complex year, fresh out of the pandemic, we could imagine anything but what happened the weekend 8 months ago. The crisis and the increase in the price of raw materials, especially in the building sector, meant that a large part of the ongoing construction sites suffered a forced stop. An uncommon commitment was made for the school, because the goal was to deal with the emergency and return the building in excellent condition to the community. It was certainly a victory for the mayor who worked on his great determination, also thanks to the support of the school management, which has been close to us from the beginning. Studio Micheloni is a nationally qualified reality, which was able to promptly start the process of operations which led from the inspection and diagnostic activity, and drafting of the technical report, to the verification of the state of safety and finally to the final executive design of the intervention. I can only thank the companies that have completed this important result, Paolo Tessarin’s company, Euroservice, Fusaro Impianti and Edilcabonio”.

The Arch. Giorgio Portesan pointed out: “The collapse affected 10-15 square meters of the building, but we wanted to entrust the task to Eng. Micheloni for the structural verification of the whole building to be carried out. One of the reasons that led to the lengthening of the implementation times of the intervention was the need to intervene on the entire attic of the building, which is now completely renovated with the use of techniques and materials that will allow reduced energy consumption ” .

Eng. Micheloni: “Following the results of the studies carried out, it can be concluded that the collapse of a portion of the roof occurred due to a combination of causes. Namely to the intrinsic fragility of the prefabricated floor system, to the reduction of the stability of the supports following the subsidence of the foundations suffered by the building over the years, to the strong corrosion of the reinforcements with loss of resistant section and cracking of the floors in areas that are not accessible and cannot be inspected , and to the exposure of the groundwater to the prevailing winds with a direction from the sea towards the land. Although the visible parts of the building have been maintained over the years, the enclosed and non-inspectable areas of the intrados of the roof slab have undergone strong deterioration, not visible from the outside, which, combined with the reduction in stability of the supports and the probable of the wind caused the collapse of the attic”.

“The project developed involved replacing the roofs of the single-storey building area, demolishing the current brick-cement floors and creating a new wooden roof. Following the collapse of a portion of the roof, all the roofs that stood directly on the school spaces were demolished. The design of the new roof involved the use of a wooden structure with high characteristics of structural resistance and thermal and acoustic insulation. All the main structures were built with laminated wood beams, while the secondary structures were built with x-lam structural wood panels. During the execution of the works, the new wooden structures were tested with various load tests and the roof was insulated to comply with current energy saving regulations. After the construction of the waterproof sheath, the roofing was reassembled. The interiors were completed with light plasterboard false ceilings capable of guaranteeing both structural safety and good acoustic insulation. The new suspended ceilings have been equipped with new lighting fixtures. At the end of the works, the premises were cleaned and the functional furnishings were repositioned for the execution of the school activity”.

The manager Silvana Rinaldi: “After what could have been a tragedy, thanks to both administrative and organizational courage, the project to redevelop a historic building was completed in a very short time. The Administration was able to organize overnight the transport of the primary school with all the burdens related to the management responsibility with the families. I personally thank the mayor who acted with the tenacity of those who know they are acting for the good of the community. I thank the Arch for the patience shown. Portesan, who as a family man knows that the parents’ concern was well founded, and Ing Micheloni for his professionalism and ability to reassure families without giving up giving explanations in total transparency. In these months of sacrifice, everyone has done their part. We can say that this was the victory of a team, from families and students to the administration. A community today regains its greatest potential, i.e. the school”.

Scardovari’s big day