School and Training news, edition of 20 January 2023


The young people of the middle school students’ network reject the maturity model proposed by the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara. In front of the ministry headquarters in Viale Trastevere, young people have gathered in a sit-in to ask for a fairer exam. The one proposed – the students say – does not value and does not correctly evaluate the path of boys and girls. The new exam announced is “a return to the past”: to the pre-Covid modalities, with two written tests and an oral interview. “Once again decisions are made on the skin of students without consulting them – declares the spokesman of the association Giorgio Garratta – We need to start a serious discussion, continues Garratta, if the minister tells us that there is no time to imagine a state exam, then we come here and show him that there is time for a concrete proposal of how to structure the maturity in a different way from the one he asks of us”. What do male and female students propose instead? “A different teaching and an exam that is truly the conclusion of a path, which must form and build critical thinking”.


Tomorrow, January 21, one year after the death of Lorenzo Parelli, an 18-year-old student who died during an internship, the Lazio High School Network and the FIOM CGIL Rome and Lazio will be present at the Ministry of Education to ask for the abolition of the PCTOs in favor of a rethinking of the relationship between school and work. In fact, last year, three young people lost their lives during a training period: Lorenzo Parelli, Giuseppe Le Noci and Giuliano De Seta. Three boys aged between 16 and 18 died during school internships. Students, male and female workers will take to the streets to ask politics to summon them and seriously address the issue of PCTOs. “We believe we have to start afresh from three keywords: rights, safety, dignity – declares the Lazio Medi Student Network – Because it is not school that forces you to go to unsafe companies and which does not invest in laboratories. It is not work to be exploited, precarious and without any knowledge of one’s rights. It’s not school and it’s not work that kills “.


Uphill road for the Italian school, which still has significant delays in the safety of school buildings and energy efficiency, accompanied by a growing gap between the schools of the North, those of the South and the Islands. This is what Legambiente denounces with the XXII edition of Ecosistema Scuola in which it takes stock, with data referring to 2021, on the state of health of 5,616 school buildings including kindergarten, primary and lower secondary schools, attended by a population of over one million students. Although in the last 5 years (2017-2021), at a national level, 59.3% of school buildings have benefited from extraordinary maintenance interventions, in 2021 30.6% of schools still need extraordinary interventions. Given that in the South it rises to 36.8% and in the Islands to 53.8%.


‘The challenges for the Italian intelligence system in 2023’ is the title of the lesson to be held on Thursday 26 January at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa by the prefect Franco Gabrielli, former
Chief of Police and former Undersecretary of State to the Presidency of the Council in the government of Mario Draghi. this is the lesson that begins the internal course, for students of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, dedicated to the Italian intelligence system, organized by Andrea de Guttry, full professor of International Law. The lessons, of an innovative nature, aim to examine and deepen the articulation and functioning methods of the Italian intelligence apparatuses, thanks also to the precious collaboration of various teachers of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, of former officials of the services as well as of two deputy directors of the Information Security Department (DIS), prefect Alessandra Guidi and doctor Bruno Valensise.

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School and Training news, edition of 20 January 2023