School orientation: a guide to choosing a high school

We’ve all been there: choosing a high school is a delicate step. It is a moment during which to reflect on one’s aspirations and ambitions, but also on the passions that could turn into a life’s work.

Also this year the registration procedures take place online through the service available on the portal of the Ministry of Education and Merit. Registrations open today, Monday 9 January 2023, to close on Tuesday 31 January 2023.

But how to orient yourself in the jungle of available addresses and routes? The answer is never obvious and must take into account a series of important variables: labor market trends, professional opportunities, the local economic fabric and, last but not least, personal attitudes and characteristics. Not an easy task for those coming out of middle school, but a necessary one.

How to find the right school

In collaboration with the Province of VareseVareseNews has created a series of insights dedicated to the world of education and vocational training where information, testimonials and data are collected that can prove useful for families and students in choosing a high school.


Orientation in the choice of high school? It’s a matter of dialogue

How difficult can it be for a young student to choose which high school to enroll in? School office and the Province of Varese with the collaboration of the Chamber of Commerce offer two evenings of discussion with Beppe Bertagna, Jesuit, teacher, psychologist with specialization in educational and clinical psychology

The future of work and the jobs of the future between challenges and new teaching tools

Trends, scenarios and perspectives on a constantly evolving world

From eyewear to jewellery: art is learned at school

Among the training courses that allow direct entry into the world of work, the Varese schools offer two options in very challenging sectors

Is technical school only “boy stuff”?

From the study path to the working career, in our country some sectors are still the prerogative of men. A trend that cannot be reduced to just a matter of individual preferences, but which originates in gender stereotypes

Studying and working together with dual apprenticeship: the pact between school and business to prepare students

Studying on books or putting your hands in an engine. Take the lesson on the blackboard or in a hairdresser’s shop. Practice in a school laboratory or use company applications

How to choose high school? Tips and tricks to make the right decision

At the crossroads we arrive at the end of the first grade secondary school, which is the eighth grade for everyone. What to do?

From the school laboratory to the company: Vocational education opens up new perspectives

Introduction to vocational training

From theory to practice: vocational training prepares you for the world of work

How do the years of school preparation allow you to approach a profession?

Which school for which job in the province of Varese?

To make the right choice, you need to have a general picture of job prospects by field of study, with a quick overview of the characteristics of the professional figures required by companies in the province

Professional training. The right choice to transform knowledge into know-how

Dreams, projects and aspirations of young people who have chosen vocational training after lower secondary school

To conclude: five tips for choosing a high school

  • have an open mind, free from stereotypes and prejudices (there are no Serie A schools and Serie B schools)
  • don’t be influenced by the choices of classmates
  • know yourself, listen to yourself and reflect on your own attitudes and inclinations
  • find out about work and professions (the so-called labor market trends)
  • participate in the scheduled open days

School orientation: a guide to choosing a high school