This Thursday will not look like a classic Thursday in schools in Issoire. Nursery and elementary schools, colleges and high schools will adapt their reception methods tomorrow, due toa participation that would be strong on the side of teaching and supervisory staff.
“The movement will be fairly followed, according to the echoes that we have: it has been a long time since we have had feedback like this”, believes an establishment manager.

At least three schools closed

Several schools in Issoire will even have their doors simply closed tomorrow. This will be the case, for example, of the elementary school of the Center and that of the Pré Rond as well as the kindergarten of Murat: all the teachers there have declared themselves to be strikers.

No canteen or daycare

In Issoire, all extracurricular services (transport of schoolchildren, daycare and canteen) will be closed. A letter was sent to parents at the beginning of the week, inviting them, as far as possible, to find a means of childcare for their children this Thursday.

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If no solution can be envisaged on the side of the families, a minimum service of reception for the children whose teachers will be strikers will be set up in the city Saint-Austremoine.

Reception will be at the Faubourg annex from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1:35 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

either the class schedules, specifies Jonathan André, the director of Education of the City of Issoire.

Meal from the bag

The families were also warned that there would be no canteens in the schools. There will be no school canteen service in primary schools in Issoire this Thursday

“They were warned to plan a meal to take out of the bag, a picnic, or to pick up their children between noon and two. Otherwise, the students will be welcomed and supervised during the time of the meridian break”, specifies Jonathan André.
No canteen either, on the side of the college students of Verrière and the Lycée Murat, who share the equipment. This will also be a meal from the bag for the more than 1,000 students.

On the other hand, the canteen will be open and will serve their meals to the students of the Collège des Prés. The headteacher, Emmanuel Chabaud, expects a mobilization which could be strong, this Thursday, on the teacher side. “They don’t have to declare themselves strikers 48 hours in advance, like in elementary schools. So we won’t know for sure until Thursday, the day of the strike. But it would seem that this movement would have a form of membership. »

It could be followed more than usual

This Thursday, the principal of the Prés college, like that of Verrière, will add up the caps and will also be a supervisor: from the gate to the canteen. “We will adapt as best we can. But that day, the effort will be on the reception, particularly. We will make up for the essentials, ”provides Emmanuel Chabaud.

A mobilization perhaps stronger than usual

Same anticipation on the side of the college of Verrière: “I do not know yet with precision if there will be many teachers strikers. I think, just, that there will be more than usual during strike calls. With my assistant, we will be on deck to welcome the students in the morning, ”reassures Franck Lassalas, the principal.The corridors could be empty in several establishments, given the absence of teachers.

In secondary schools, participation in the strike movement could, in any case, be significant, even if it remains unclear until Thursday morning. “It will be followed more than usual, it seems certain. Because, usually, it is not followed: I have very few strikers on the side of the teachers. But there, the mobilization could be strong given the subject: the retirement age, ”notes a headteacher.

Meals provided in the evening for Murat interns. The canteen of the Lycée Murat will be accessible in the morning and in the evening, for the interns of the establishment. They will only be unable to access it at lunchtime and will have to go out for lunch.

Marie Edwige Hebrard

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