Summer Schools 2023 received sporting goods kits

Through an articulated work between the regional ministerial secretariats of Sport, Education, Social Development and Family; the National Sports Institute (IND) and JUNAEB, took place at the O’Higgins University, the induction session for 27 community managers and IND monitors of the Program “Centers for Children with Temporary Main Caregivers 2023”, within the framework of the Summer Schools that municipalities implement in their territories.

The activity made it possible to train the community managers of the Summer Schools, regarding the implementation of this program, in addition to the Presentation of Law 21,430 on Guarantees of the Rights of Children and Adolescents; the delivery of information related to the Ministry of Education, presentation of school insurance, among other topics addressed with the objective of successfully implementing this initiative.

Regarding the importance of this program, the Social Development and Family Seremi, Nayadeth Ahumada, highlighted that “we are very happy, because we have 27 communes that are implementing these centers, where caregivers who are dedicated to seasonal work will be able to request a quota to participate in these schools. The communes have professional teams, through the municipalities, supported by the Ministry of Sports, and they also receive food, through JUNAEB”.

For her part, the Seremi del Deporte, Macarena Chandía, stated that “as the Ministry of Sport we focus on the day-to-day programmatic offer of each of these centers, and also on the recruitment of professionals in the area of ​​physical activity who They are in charge of the activities. For this we have developed a focus that has to do with comprehensive training that allows these boys and girls to have the possibility of working on recreational, cultural, but also sports activities during the day”.

In relation to the execution of this initiative, Mariangel Galaz, director of the Pichilemu Summer School, pointed out that “for us it is very important, because as a commune the women’s work force is in the summer. In the winter, work is a bit scarce, women are dedicated to child care, and it shows, because we had a waiting list of almost double the available places. It is a real need in Pichilemu and with this we help the community of Pichilemu”.

At the end of the activity, the regional authorities present delivered to the different representatives of the municipalities and IND monitors, sporting and recreational items for the execution of the centers.

summer schools

The “Centers for Children with Primary Temporary Caregivers 2023”, called Summer Schools, have been taking place since mid-January in the following communes: Chépica, Chimbarongo, Codegua, Coltauco, Doñihue, Graneros , Las Cabras, Lolol, Machalí, Malloa, Marchigüe, Mostazal, Nancagua, Navidad, Palmilla, Paredones, Peralillo, Peumo, Pichidegua, Pichilemu, Placilla, Quinta de Tilcoco, Rancagua, San Fernando, San Vicente TT, Santa Cruz and Pumanque.

This program lasts 22 days and seeks to contribute to the implementation of the Intersectoral Social Protection System, at the community level in the regions, where seasonal productive work is carried out, providing financial resources to complement the local offer of specific benefits, aimed at the child care for boys and girls between 6 and 12 years of age, while their main caregivers do seasonal work and do not have a care alternative.

Summer Schools 2023 received sporting goods kits