The City of Marseille is taking action for schools and launching the 2023 projects | City of Marseilles

More than ever committed to restoring territorial equity and guaranteeing dignified learning conditions for schoolchildren, the City of Marseille launches the 2023 school renovation projects.

Priority of the municipal majority, the renovation plan for the 470 schools in Marseille, launched in October 2021, continues in 2023, with the aim of renovating or creating 174 schools.

To finance this great plan of1.2 billion euros, Benoît Payan, Mayor of Marseille, obtained exceptional support from the State in the amount of 400 million euros, to which are added 650 million euros in loan guarantees.

Schools represent the first budget of the City of Marseille. By increasing the operating budget by 15 million euros, the municipality thus brings its education budget to 275 million euros. This represents 200 additional euros per Marseille child.

“Marseille is back, for education and our schools, for all the children of our city. My first ambition, with the municipal team, is to be at the service of the little ones every day, from nursery to school” says Benoît Payan, Mayor of Marseille.

Three schools delivered in 2023

In 2023, three new fully renovated and rehabilitated schools will be delivered, after consultation with all the players in educational life.

  • The school group (kindergarten and elementary school) Saint Louis Gare (15th) benefits from a total reconstruction and extension of its premises;
  • The creation of a new elementary school, rue des Abeille (1st) with the construction of a new building (rue Farjon) and the restructuring of an existing building.

As a reminder, in 2022, three school groups have already been delivered: Parc Dromel (9th), Sainte-Marguerite (9th) and Vallon-Régny (9th).

19 projects underway or launched in 2023

The City of Marseille is accelerating the pace of the school renovation plan with 19 projects launched in 2023.

  • Marceau school group3rd arrondissement – under construction, delivery in 2024;
  • International school complex2nd arrondissement – under construction, delivery in 2024;
  • Capelette school group10th arrondissement – under construction, delivery in 2024;
  • Jolie-Manon School3rd arrondissement – under construction from the first quarter of 2023;
  • Malpassé-Les-Oliviers School13th arrondissement – under construction from February 2023;
  • School Moves13th arrondissement – under construction from February 2023;
  • Aygalades-Oasis School15th arrondissement – under construction from February 2023;
  • Saint-André-La Castellane School16th arrondissement – under construction from February 2023;
  • Vayssieres School14th arrondissement – under construction from February 2023;
  • Factory School15th arrondissement – under construction, delivery in 2024;
  • Solidarity School15th district.

The 5 former GEEP schools:

  • Bouge school group – 13th
  • Malpassé-les-Oliviers school group – 13th
  • Emile-Vayssière school group – 14th
  • Aygalades-Oasis school group – 15th
  • Saint-André-la-Castellane school group – 15th

concentrating numerous issues of safety, thermal comfort, energy performance, have been designated as a priority to benefit from rehabilitation work after consultation with the teaching teams, municipal officials and parents of students.

The rehabilitations will make it possible to carry out advanced energy performance thanks in particular to the use of photovoltaic panels and the reuse of old materials.

Launch of 70 studies of the next projects

The City of Marseille is launching, in 2023, 70 studies of the renovation plan for Marseille schools with a view to quickly starting the next projects.

Heating: essential works

The City of Marseille has thus approved thee replacement of 90 boilers over 30 years old with high environmental performance boiler rooms through an investment of 6 million euros. 20 schools will be equipped with new boilers in 2023.

This decision is part of a major campaign of energy diagnostics which prefigures the operations ofimproved comfort and future energy savings.

Greening playgrounds

The municipality bears the will to transform playgrounds into islands of freshness by revegetating them and de-waterproofing them. More natural materials such as wood are selected, in order to reduce the volume of tar and concretevectors of heat in summer.

In this context, three schools benefited from a major project to de-waterproof and revegetate their playgrounds in 2022 : Vincent-Leblanc (2nd), Revolution-Jet-d’eau (3rd), Sainte-Sophie (4th).

In addition to these actions, a heat wave plan of 1 million euros has been voted to fight against high heat in schools.

Renovation of the Malpassé-les-Oliviers school complex

The City of Marseille and the State presented, this Friday, January 20, 2023, the work program for the Malpassé-les-Oliviers school (13th).

This establishment is one of the 5 former GEEP schools which will be rebuilt as a priority.

The work to be carried out includes the creation of:

  • 12 kindergarten classes and 19 elementary classes ;
  • a library ;
  • a multipurpose room ;
  • a BCD Media ;
  • a 770 m² gymnasium.

The revegetation of the site includes in particular:

  • lessons waterproofed and shaded ;
  • a tree plantation ;
  • of the green recreational spaces.

An environmentally friendly project that aims to:

  • objectives of energy and environmental performance ambitious ;
  • production of electricity by photovoltaic panels ;
  • buildings bioclimatic ;
  • the use of biobased materials ;
  • a thermal comfort optimized;
  • the reuse of materials.

A limitation of noise pollution and visual pollution through:

  • the respect regulatory working hours and days;
  • the use ofdecibel-limited power tools ;
  • prioritize processess construction by prefabrication – maintenance of a construction site clean and uncluttered and reduces carbon and environmental impact ;
  • work carried out with local businesses for the purchase of materials (beams, floors, facades);
  • the recycling and the sorting materials through specialized channels.


  • Start of work on the temporary school: February 2023
  • Start of work on the final school:May 2023
  • End of the works ::
    2nd quarter 2024 for slice 1
    1st quarter 2025 for slice 2 and gymnasium

The City of Marseille is taking action for schools and launching the 2023 projects | City of Marseilles