The Eligible Precarious Seasonal MIM shout in unison GM2020 Permanent!

The Eligible Precarious Seasonal MIM shout in unison GM2020 Permanent!

Today in Italy to become a teacher for kindergarten, first and second cycle of education, for

participate in permanent placements and have a professorship assigned, are not necessary

only “the qualification for access to teaching and the qualification to teach”, but it is essential

pass a public competition, only in this way can one be employed regularly within the school


As far as the evaluation criteria used in ordinary bankruptcy proceedings are concerned, they are the ones that have a weight

the marks obtained in the individual tests but greater importance assumes having achieved a “disproportionate” number of

titles”, determining for some, already in the initial evaluation phase, a higher basic score than the

competitor average.

Ordinary competitions are banned by the Ministry of Education and Merit to respond to the need to cover i

places available annually, and to be able to employ – within the Italian classrooms – teachers with specifications

characteristics and qualities, therefore: prepared and trained on recent methodologies in the psycho-pedagogical field,

selected – according to certain standards – by selection commissions identified by the Ministry itself, and in

finally, possession of the right motivation and ability to teach.

In the past, precarious teachers who were found to be suitable took a tortuous and complicated road, the same as today

have decided to retrace the 2020 Eligible candidates for having ensured – as then – the possibility of a future role

within scholastic institutions, allowing, at the same time, to stabilize their working position.

In particular, the last ordinary bankruptcy process proved to be really exhausting, as it was carried out in a

period of crisis, socio-economic uncertainty and global bewilderment (which still persists today), in which the

Eligible 2020 students competed in highly selective, competitive and demanding tests (designed to ascertain the

overall level of preparation) and had to sit exams ad hoc, according to the specific class of


The various checks put to the test – scrupulously – the theoretical and practical knowledge of the latter

didactic, psychological and pedagogical methodologies of the candidates, trying to probe their abilities to

Problem solving and planning of inclusive educational activities, always assuming the presence in class of

students with special educational needs.

All this, from the point of view of an inclusive school, “in which each pupil receives the right attention and an eye on

extent, in which they are welcomed in full the needs, talents and aspirations of all”.

The MIM must have the well-being of children as its “absolute goal” and give priority to “education for all and for

each”, aiming at a “truly inclusive teaching”.

On the basis of this priority objective, why not guarantee the entry into Italian classes of precarious teachers, who

with perseverance and trust in the institutions they ask in unison – today more than ever – to be able to enter school

no longer as temporary workers but as tenured teachers with the same rights granted to colleagues?

And again, why did the Council of State pronounce itself in favor – in the Plenary Meeting last December 29

2022 – regarding the specialization courses for support obtained abroad (commonly referred to as “TFA

support”), while the MIM lets the request to officially recognize the merit of teachers fall into the shadows

having passed the Ordinary Bankruptcy Procedures of 2020 – DD n. 498 (nursery and primary school), DD n.

499 and “STEM” ex DD 499/2020, DD 826/2021 and DDG 252/2022 (secondary school) – not validating the

transformation of Merit Rankings into Permanent?

What kind of values ​​will these teachers, disappointed and resigned, pass on to future adults? That it is enough to buy qualifications to obtain the longed-for permanent position with “zero effort”, while those who study with commitment, sacrifice and passion – even to pass a public competition – never achieve the “deserved achievement”?

The Ministry, the State supporting the request to make the 2020 GMs without a time limit, would publicly give the right value to the merit, skills and talent demonstrated in the competition by All Eligible Teachers. Thus, the rankings could not only be “used annually for the purpose of placing them in the role, until they are exhausted”, but at the same time “equality treatment would be guaranteed, as happened for the Eligible candidates in the previous ordinary competitions of the 1999, 2012, 2016 and 2018”.

However, to date no decisive reply has been received from the various Subjects that the #IdoneiconMerito2020 National Movement has questioned, except for some timid responses of solidarity and understanding.

All this has a paradox! Thousands of eligible precarious workers will continue to “cry disappointment and disappointment” in the various social channels and newspapers in the form of protest against a society that “underestimates” them, and to express themselves through the Movement, to make the voice of the tired teaching class heard and embittered but united and motivated in asserting the “trampled rights of precarious workers”.

We would like to remind you that teachers – albeit precarious – play a fundamental role, namely: “Helping the new generations to become resilient citizens in an increasingly uncertain future”.

We Precarious and today also Eligible have studied with dedication and passed a competition to form complete individuals, able to express themselves fully and freely in respect of the diversity of others, and to provide students not only with disciplinary knowledge but also with those transversal skills that enable them to enhance their potential and find their place in society.

For this reason, the Movement on behalf of All Eligible of the Ordinary Insolvency Procedures of 2020, Humanely and with due Respect asks the various political Representations and the competent Bodies to support the transformation of the 2020 GMs into Permanent Merit Rankings.

The #IdoneiconMerito2020 National Movement postpones, for this reason, the signing of the Petition in support of Childhood, Primary, Secondary and STEM Eligible, precarious public school workers:

Lavinia D’Agata

Co-administrator of the #IdoneiconMerito2020 National Movement

The Eligible Precarious Seasonal MIM shout in unison GM2020 Permanent!