The first feline colony feeder cards were delivered in the capital of Jaén

Act at the School for Citizen Participation, with councilor Estefanía Plaza and volunteers from CER El Gato Jiennense. / ideal

The document enables volunteers to care for and manage cat colonies, with the capture, sterilization and return method

Enara Lopez de la Pena

The Jaén City Council has delivered this afternoon the feeder card that enables those volunteers to care for feline colonies within the capital within the framework of the actions that the Health Area is carrying out on the project to implement in the city the management of the method of capture, sterilization and return (CER) for the control of feline colonies. “With the delivery of this document we legitimize the work of these volunteers who will help us to count in a more reliable way the number of neighborhoods and their population for their management and control,” said the councilor for the area, Estefanía Plaza.

In this way, the well-being of the cats is also guaranteed through the supervision of these volunteers, as well as the well-being of all the neighbors by improving public health in all the areas where these colonies are installed. “In this way, we comply with a commitment also made to the public, since this action is regulated in our municipal ordinance on the welfare and care of companion animals approved in 2021 and which represents a further step to achieve proper management of these colonies,” he added. Square.

The act took place at the School for Citizen Participation and has also served to address the municipal action protocol that is followed for the collection of abandoned, stray or lost animals, also with the presence of the municipal technical services of the Health area, including two veterinarians; with representatives of the CER El Gato Jiennense project association, with which the City Council has signed a collaboration agreement; managers of the concessionary company FCC, in charge of managing the Municipal Center for Animal Protection, as well as the Local Police.


The councilor has also advanced the municipal action plan for the management of feline colonies that will soon go through the Plenary of the Jaén City Council for its approval and that “it will allow us to establish a roadmap to be able to work efficiently and effectively , having as objective the well-being of the animal, the reduction of the proliferation of felines and, obviously, the improvement of public health».

The feeder card is the best option and tool to accredit the volunteer as a caretaker of one or several colonies. Today there are many municipalities that issue it and an initiative to which more cities join. The rest of the volunteers interested in this document can request it through the electronic headquarters of the Jaén City Council or by contacting the telephone numbers 673670048 or 95329100 Ext 9304 where they will be informed of the conditions to be part of this project.

The first feline colony feeder cards were delivered in the capital of Jaén