The rates for the Pays de L’Aigle school canteen will increase, but not for everyone

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The community of municipalities (Cdc) of Pays de L’Aigle (Orne) ended the year with a vote that will obviously not please everyone. It was a question in particular of increasing the prices of the school canteen. Veronique Helleuxvice-president in charge of school affairs, argued.

The total cost of the restoration time with foodstuffs, staff costs, building costs, is estimated at around 9 euros. The local authority is subject to numerous increases in the main expenditure items which have not been passed on to users. The current rates were approved by deliberation on December 10, 2020.

Veronique HelleuxVice President for Academic Affairs

Up to 4.30 euros per meal

The first step was to modify the scale of the family quotient of the Intercommunal Center for Social Action, applicable for Wednesdays and holidays, which differs from that of the Cdc for school catering. The family quotient scale (QF) is intended to take into account the income and composition of families. After a long work, it thus passes from four to eight sections in order to better reflect the reality of the homes of the territory. This scale goes from H (<427 euros) for a gross monthly income of less than 1,067.50 euros for a household with one child, up to A (>1,800 euros) for a gross monthly income of more than 4,500 euros for a household with one child.

For the school canteen, the combined effect of rising costs and the new scale of the family quotient has led to various price changes. The old bracket A >503 euros, the highest, at 2.96 euros per meal corresponds approximately to the new bracket F (from 601 to 800 euros) at 3.05 euros per meal. Other slices are created. E up to 1,000 euros of QF for a meal at 3.30 euros. D up to 1,200 euros for a meal at 3.55 euros. C up to 1,400 euros for a meal at 3.80 euros. B up to 1,800 euros for a meal at 4.05 euros. A beyond 1,800 euros for a meal at 4.30 euros.

Elected officials have stepped up to protest against these sometimes significant increases from 1er January 2023. Some will go from a meal at 2.96 euros to 4.30 euros.

We see that for certain categories the price is falling and it is still the classes that will pay for them, but, after a while, they will no longer be able to pay.

Angry elected officials

Jean Sellier, president of the Cdc, can only admit that “those who have the best incomes will have to pay more”.

For information, the price of a meal for a teacher goes from 4.37 to 4.59 euros, from 4.11 to 4.32 for school staff and from 3.33 to 3.50 for trainees.

Delays that cost

For morning and evening reception, the new QF brackets also apply and the rates range from 0.30 euro in the morning to 1 euro for the highest incomes. They are identical for the evening. Again, the increase is significant, because the highest rate previously did not exceed 0.60 euro.

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For leisure reception during the holidays, for after-school reception on Wednesday as well as that in the morning and evening, “when the person designated to pick up the child is more than 15 minutes late, a penalty of 5 euros will be charged. Similarly, for each series of three delays of less than 15 minutes, a penalty of 5 euros will be applied”, warns Véronique Helleux.

In the details of the regulations, we can also read for the extracurricular reception in the morning and evening that “with regard to children using school transport who are therefore forced to attend the reception for a period of less than 15 minutes, their presence will not result in invoicing”.

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The rates for the Pays de L’Aigle school canteen will increase, but not for everyone