The Revenue Agency transfers disused equipment free of charge to the associations

PCs, laptops, servers will be given free of charge to the entities that request – including the Civil Protection associations

L’Revenue Agency intends to give up equipment computer systems of various types (PCs, laptops, servers), which can no longer be used for the Agency’s activities. Since the equipment could still be suitable for other entities, the Revenue Agency has decided that it will sell them free of charge to the entities that request it. The person in charge of the procedure is Eng. Andrew Barcelona.

How to send the request
Anyone can participate in the procedure educational institutions state and equal, the public administrationsthe non-profit bodies and organizations also private – so too civil defense associations. The request to participate can only be sent via a Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) message to the mailbox by 12.00 on 3/2/2023. In the event that requests for several entities are sent from the same PEC address, each of them must be sent separately. In the event that multiple requests are sent by the same institution, only the last sent in chronological order will be considered valid.

The identification code for applicants
To identify the schools, the Mechanical Code of the institute assigned by the MIUR will be used; for all other entities the will be used fiscal Code of the entity itself, with the exception of entities with territorial articulation on a national basis (for example, the police), for which multiple requests relating to the same tax code will be accepted, provided they refer to different territorial offices.

The application to send requests
The request must be prepared using the online application “Phoenix” accessible to this address. The identification code of the tender is “AE2023”. When making the request, the requesting organization must also specify the province or provinces where it will be willing to go to pick up the equipment. After entering the data, the application will generate the file phoenix.xml which, once downloaded, must be sent by certified email. The certified e-mail request must have the subject “AE2023” and contain the file attached “phoenix.xml” generated by the aforementioned application. In the event that different requests are sent from the same PEC box, each of the files “phoenix.xml” will need to be attached to a different message.

Only Certified Email is valid
Requests received in a form other than Certified Electronic Mail, requests that do not contain the envisaged attachment, nor messages of any other type (for example, requests for clarifications) will not be considered valid. No response will be given to such requests.

How the ranking will be drawn up
The ranking will be drawn up using the following priority criteria descending:

  1. institutes school state and equal schools of local authorities (determined pursuant to article 1, paragraph 1-2, Law 62/2000);
  2. all the others public administrations (determined pursuant to article 1, Legislative Decree 165/2001);
  3. other entities public and private belonging to one of the following categories (not in order of priority):

  • non-profit associations and entities registered in the appropriate register of associations;
  • foundations and other public or private institutions with legal personality, not for profit;
  • unrecognized associations, pursuant to art. 36 of the Civil Code, which have their own statutory instrument from which it is possible to unequivocally deduce the absence of profit-making purposes;
  • voluntary organizations of civil protection enrolled in the appropriate registers, operating in Italy or abroad for humanitarian purposes;
  • private peer schools (determined pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 2, Law 62/2000);
  • other entities and bodies, not included in the previous points, whose activity assumes the characteristics of public utility.

With the same ranking… the draw
In case of equal satisfaction of the aforementioned criteria, the ranking will be ordered by drawing lots based on the Lotto extraction of day 4/2/2023: the relative technical details are specified in the attachment that we provide to this link. The ranking will be published on the website Internet of the Revenue Agency it’s at this link. The publication of the ranking will invalidate the previous one (relating to the tender “AE2019” referred to in the prot. 0055551.07-03-2019-U) and will be valid until the publication of the ranking relating to the subsequent transfer procedure. The equipment is supplied in the state of fact and law as the Agency owns it; we do not guarantee the absence of operating defects. The entities benefiting from the transfer will therefore not be able to make claims against the Revenue Agency in the event of equipment defects. The Revenue Agency will not provide any support or assistance on the equipment sold.

Equipment characteristics
Personal computers may be provided with no operating system installed; in fact, it is not possible to ensure that the files are still available OEM Windows licenses supplied by the manufacturer, although they are generally present. The availability of monitor, keyboard and mouse will probably be less than that of personal computers; for this reason some computers may be supplied without the aforementioned peripherals.

As the decommissioned equipment becomes available for free transfer, in batches of 5 devices at the same location, the subjects participating in the transfer will be contacted in order of ranking and on a provincial basis, i.e.: as soon as 5 are available in an office equipment, will be contacted the first institution in the ranking who has expressed a preference for the province in which the aforementioned office resides and which has not already received other equipment through the procedure covered by this tender. The Agency will send the instructions via PEC to confirm acceptance and collect the equipment. Refusal will result in definitive exclusion from the ranking. It should be noted that, even if willingness to withdraw from more than one province has been expressed, refusal for one location will result in exclusion from the general ranking. Acceptance (even partial) must in any case be made within 10 calendar days of receipt of the PEC, under penalty of exclusion from the ranking.

What happens after acceptance
Following acceptance, the beneficiary institution will have another 15 calendar days to contact the office to make an appointment, under penalty of exclusion from the ranking and the forfeiture of the right to the assigned assets, which will be reassigned by scrolling the ranking. The collection must be carried out by the beneficiaries at the premises where the equipment is physically located. The operations for collecting and packing the equipment will be the responsibility of the beneficiary entity which, therefore, must present itself at the time of collection equipped with all the necessary material (eg cardboard, adhesive tape, etc.).
The Revenue Agency will not shipalthough it is possible for the beneficiary institution to resort to shipping via a courier of its own choice, duly delegated e at their own expense. In this regard, it should be noted that the Revenue Agency has no existing agreement with third parties for the transport of the equipment covered by this tender and is therefore not involved in any commercial initiative that may be proposed to the winners for the execution of collections by proxy.

At the time of collection, the following documents must be produced:

  • signed proxy from the institution or body to which they belong;
  • identification document of the delegate;
  • where necessary, documentation proving the truthfulness of what was declared in the application: registration in the register of associations, registration in the register of civil protectionassociative statute certifying the absence of profit-making purposes.

In the event that the beneficiary does not show up for collection on the agreed date, his right to the assigned assets will lapse, which will be reassigned by scrolling the ranking.

Sending the assignment request implies full acceptance of the above conditions. For further information, it is possible to write to the e-mail address (non-PEC) no later than 31/1/2023.


The Revenue Agency transfers disused equipment free of charge to the associations