The School of Sustainability begins its activities

More than twenty activities make up the programming for the first quarter of the School of Sustainability of the City Council of Iruñawhich focus on the waste management and the promotion of reuse through talks, workshops, visits and presentations. The activities are free and most will be held at the Museum of Environmental Education. To participate in any of them it will be necessary to register previously through 010.

The School of Sustainability reissues the citizen science lab, an initiative in which each participant experiences environmental changes at home and the role that human beings play in them. Through the care of a plant on a balcony, window or terrace, the air quality in Pamplona is analyzed. The research project is based on the distribution of plants among the participants, which they must take care of for two months, to later analyze them as indicators of air quality. The presentation of this project will be on January 19 and will consist of a colloquium talk about the air we breathe and its quality.

talks and workshops

Along the Januaryhave been scheduled two workshops and a talk. The first of them will take place on Wednesday the 18th, and will be a family activity in Basque. Under the title We are very zero waste, the meeting will serve to analyze the way each family consumes and propose circular economy actions to avoid the generation of garbage and try to recover elements that to date were considered disposable.

For its part, on Tuesday, January 24, the talk will revolve around the absorption forest that the Pamplona City Council has planted to prevent the emission of C02 into the atmosphere, an action that has received recognition from the Ministry for Energy Transition and Demographic Challenge. And a week later, on Tuesday the 31st, the workshop will focus on winter medicinal plants, their benefits, how to distinguish and use them.

In Februarythere will be others six workshops and an event to learn about the positive energy district within the Open Lab project, which will be on the 14th.

Thus, for example, on Fridays 10, 17 and 24 different sessions of the art and nature workshop have been organized, with which to learn about works, current trends and artists in the space of Antartika Kultur Container, by the hand of LABEA, the Laboratorio of Art, Science and Nature. The appointment every day will be at 18 hours. In addition, on Wednesday, February 15, an activity has been scheduled to learn to understand the energy bill. On Thursday the 16th, the workshop will focus on the pruning of pip fruit trees and on the 28th, an activity will be offered especially aimed at reinforcing the selective collection of waste through games.

March will start with a visit to the Lezkairu pneumatic waste treatment and collection plant, of the Commonwealth of the Region of Pamplona, ​​to find out first-hand what happens to the rubbish once it is placed in the corresponding container. The visit will be on March 1.

The School of Sustainability begins its activities