The teachers will continue to fight this 2023: Armando Falconi Borras

During 2023, the teachers will continue to fight, defending the rights of the bases, especially those of us who are active in the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), we will demand attention to the most heartfelt demands, such as the reinstatement of two colleagues who were fired eight months ago, Juan Manuel Pérez López and Fidel Girón Guillén, from telesecundarias, exposed the Professor Armando Falconi Borrasleader of the Democratic State Coordinator of Section 40 of National Union of Education Workers.

He is also a member of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), explained that another demand is the granting of keys for two schools telesecundarias in Ocosingowho already have all the documents, the donation of the land, but the procedure has stalled, we believe that this is due to the fact that the teachers are active in the CNTE.

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He added in an interview that there are a series of bureaucratic procedures that prevent the issuance of keys, despite the fact that both have three groups, when what is required is precisely the attention of the educational gap, mainly in the most remote regions of the state such as the North and Jungle.

Nor has it been possible to open a service desk by the Education secretarynor has the new curriculum been landed, results are lacking from the new Mexican school to compensate for the deterioration of the educational system in Chiapas, he stated.

Falconi Borras He added that there is no fight against educational lag, on the contrary, he indicates that it is maintained because the covid 19 pandemic I hit at the time of a very strong economic crisis that exacerbated the lag, hit the working class, we have many parents who fall into this condition, they do not have a job and many students dropped out, we do not know the exact number, but there are many , and it has not been possible to compensate because an emerging policy is needed to counteract this absence.

The challenge is to modify these trends, and that will be possible with an emerging plan so that we can attend to the priority, economic resources are needed, educational infrastructure, school breakfasts, there are many new classrooms, decent toilets, libraries for schools, textbooks, a strategy that can really make up for the great educational gap of more than 70 years.

Of the more than 20,000 public schools in the state, only approximately three thousand have been rehabilitated, both federal and state, more than 80 percent of public schools have not been rehabilitated, mainly in marginalized rural areas, the most removed, those of difficult access.

This scenario means that parents are the ones who support public schools and are responsible for school breakfasts, through committees, what is needed is an emerging plan, and now with the return to school in the second semester from 2022-2023 we must be more careful with the health of students given the prevalence of Covid 19what we need are supplies for health safety, disinfectants, antibacterial gel, mouth covers, temperature taking equipment and other cleaning equipment.

The teachers will continue to fight this 2023: Armando Falconi Borras