To pure chaya, in the school yard

Upon entering the Saturnino Salas school building, in Caucete, the corridors look empty. The classrooms have the benches in order and the screams of the boys are not felt as in the recesses. However, in the schoolyard and in the multipurpose room, the scene is different and atypical for the vacation season. There is laughter, children playing on the ground and boys kicking balls, without the traditional white overalls. It is that the summer colony of the town of El Rincón works there. And it is in the courtyard of that school where the children and even some adults have fun every morning chatting and doing various activities.

With water. The boys used the plastic bottles to eat. They filled them in the patio drinkers.

In Caucete there are 8 colonies. Some have swimming pools and others do not, as is the case of the one in the El Rincón school. However, the absence of a spa does not prevent the boys from having non-stop fun.

Yesterday, in the schoolyard, they lined up to fill plastic bottles. It is that the water fight was about to arrive. The mischievous laughter of some boys and the nerves they felt while avoiding being wet, despite the fact that it was what they wanted the most, made the moment live like a party.

They played endlessly. Some of the children were sliding on the patio floor while others were throwing water at them.

First, they played a game with buckets, plastic cones, and lots of water. That was the prologue of the most desired moment. It is that later, the buckets and the bottles used as knobs made the children not want to stop that moment. The teachers said that this postcard is repeated almost every day so that the children can refresh themselves.

  • A very scary joke

This colony was, a few days ago, the target of a game that scared the little ones a lot and caused a lot of commotion. It is that a group of little girls, from the group of 6, 7 and 8 years old, were talking about horror movies. That talk was heard by the older children, who took out some cloth and scared them. Without knowing about the joke, the girls told their parents that there were ghosts in the neighborhood and that caused a stir. The misunderstanding has already been clarified, they said from the colony and some parents.

Dalma Cortez is 7 years old. She has a disability that prohibits her from moving on her own and it is difficult for her to speak. However, the girl plays a lot with her classmates. Most of them help her get from one place to another and they even take turns with her so they can play with her with balls and board games. Her teachers defined her as the darling of the group.


6 They are the adults who are in charge of caring for the children who participate in this colony. In this center there are 3 teachers and 3 monitors. Of them, only one is a woman.

The expected day

As in all the neighborhoods in the province, the boys from El Rincón attend from Monday to Friday. However, they only play in the school building from Monday to Thursday. It is that on Fridays they meet at school, have breakfast and leave for a campsite to enjoy a day at the pool. Then they come back and have lunch at school. Friday is the most anticipated day for children.


89 children are part of this colony. Unlike other centers, there are no older adults at the El Rincón school. Of the total number of boys there are 2 with disabilities.

Although the moment of playing with water is the favorite of the boys, there are others in which they carry out different activities. Yesterday they had a few hours in which they divided into groups and played different board games and also painted plastic bottles. They commented that they were going to use them to store toothbrushes in their homes.

To pure chaya, in the school yard