What is ADHD and how to know if you have it

In adults, hyperactivity may subside, but problems such as impulsivity, restlessness, and trouble paying attention may continue. This has also increased a lot as a result of the use of smartphones and the constant stimuli we receive on a daily basis.

Causes of ADHD

Currently, it is not known exactly Causes of ADHD, but some scholars link it to the role of a person’s genetics, that is, it is a hereditary factor, and also to the possibility of a brain lesion, of the exposure to certain pollutants such as lead, premature birth, low birth weight, and the effects of a pregnancy involving alcohol or tobacco.

ADHD Diagnosis

It is not easy to identify when a person has ADHD precisely because of the variety of symptom that presents and because after all, similar to autismthere is a wide spectrum in which people can manifest this disorder at different levels. Also, there is no test to diagnose whether someone has ADHD and this can be confused with other disorders such as anxiety, depression and more.

For this reason, it is important that the diagnosis of ADHD be comprehensive and complete. Part of the process involves doing a medical exam with hearing and vision tests to make sure hearing difficulties concentration are not due to a deficiency of this type. It must also be scored from a list of symptoms if the person classifies within ADHD or if it is another disorder of the learning similar.

In the case of adults, some of the main characteristics of the ADHD can be difficult to lend attention, impulsivity and restlessnessin some people these symptom they are more serious than in others and are often confused with other diagnoses such as anxiety or depression.

adults with ADHD They will almost always have problems delivering their work on time, establishing priorities and meeting social events, in addition to struggling with the control of emotions such as anger and being inpatient people. Another symptom is difficulty doing more than one thing at a time, low tolerance for frustration, frequent mood swings, and trouble managing stress.

ADHD Treatment

Going to therapy helps a lot in the process.


In the case of children, the ADHD controlled with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy and in some cases, with the use of medications. The recommendation in the case of young children is that therapy is the first option.

For adults, the intake of medications such as antidepressants of a certain type that help control hyperactivity and impulsivity, as well as other medications indicated to improve attention, are often included.

In both cases, it is important that therapy is part of the process and that it is complemented by a healthy lifestyle, exercise, avoiding substances such as alcohol or drugs, and constant monitoring of progress and setbacks to identify the best path for each individual. person.

What is ADHD and how to know if you have it