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On the occasion of the documentary “The Eternal Boom” broadcast on France 5, a look back at this legendary film

The documentary, “The Eternal Boom” by Celine Chasse and Julie Peyrard will be broadcast this Friday January 20 at 9 p.m. on France 5. The party is a real French teen movie that is passed down from generation to generation. According to the press release, this documentary gives us testimonies such as those of actress Suzanne Lindon, comedian Nora Hamzawi, singers Juliette Armanet and Suzane, designer Pénélope Bagieu and journalist Ambre Chalumeau. But also those who played (Sophie Marceau, Brigitte Fossey) or participated in the creation of this iconic film (Danièle Thompson, Vladimir Cosma on music)!

Tough competition in the casting

Thousands of young actresses were auditioned by director Claude Pinoteau, including Sandrine Bonnaire, Christiana Reali and Emmanuelle Béart before the choice finally fell on Sophie Marceauto play the role of Vic. “She had a side very worthy, very reservedshe was not trying to charm like the other little girlssaid Claude Pinoteau of her. She was very fair, very simple… Well, there was work, it wasn’t perfect, but she really felt what she was saying. » As for the one who plays the lover of Vic (Sophie Marceau), Anthony Delon but also Patrick Bruel almost got the role but the latter apparently did not make young girls dream enough, so the choice ended up being Alexandre Sterling . The latter continued his career in erotic cinema.

Alexandre Sterling and Sophie Marceau in The party (1980)

A record audience in theaters

With 4,378,430 entries in Francethe film even passed over star wars episode 5: the empire strikes back in terms of audience. With enormous success in Italy where it had almost twice as many spectators in theaters. The newspapers at the time headlined catchphrases like The boom, it’s booming! This film, which remained in theaters for 8 months, convinced the producers to make a second part, La Boum 2, which allowed Sophie Marceau to win the best female hope in 1983.

A soundtrack sold by millions

Vladimir Cosma who was in charge of the music had first wanted Gilbert Montagné to sing the title “Reality”, but he refused. An illustrious stranger, Richard Sanderson, ended up singing this song written by Vladimir Cosma and the success was incredible. It is in particular thanks to this music that the film has become cult, giving a romantic tone that totally embraces the aspirations and the romantic imagination of Vic (Sophie Marceau) in the film. Result, on its release the title number 1 in sales in about fifteen countries of Europe and Asia, it flows more than 8 million copies !

The film launched the career of Sophie Marceau

As she went to the premises of the model agency vogue, Sophie Marceau was spotted by the film’s casting director. While Sheila O’connor was supposed to take on the lead role, she ended up playing Penelope, Vic’s girlfriend. Indeed, the director saw some kind of evidence by experimenting with the actress who had never acted before. One can imagine the disappointment that poor Sheila must have had after being replaced. Sophie Marceau continued to tour with The Boom 2 (1982), or a film by Maurice Pialat with Depardieu, Police (1985) or still under the gaze of its flagship director Claude Pinoteau, with The student (1988).

Penelope’s troubles after the movie

Much later, on the set of Jean Luc Delarue, poor Sheila confessed to having suffered school bullying following the film. She received death threat letters, found her mailbox snatched and teased at school. Even his professors hurled invectives at him, like: Sheila, are you dreaming of your next movie poster? ». His career has not taken off since the film, despite a small role in a film with Patrick Bruel, entitled PROFS, as well as the series Father and Mayor on TF1.

Sheila O’Connor and Sophie Marceau in The party

5 things to know about the movie La Boum | VL Media