Adrano, how many “Talents on the catwalk” at the Etna Arena: parade of wedding dresses and musical performances

Parades of wedding dresses, creations of handmade dresses, music, song, dance, art and poetry.

It was all of this, last night,”Talents on the catwalk” event that took place in the palatenda of the Etna Arena and included in the program of “Christmas Harmonies 2022”, the review by the municipal administration. The event, which saw a huge number of people, was organized by the adranita stylist Agatha Garofalo Of “Thousand brides”. To collaborate, for the success of the event, in addition to local associations, including Fidapa, also some Adranite schools (Liceo Verga and Pietro Branchina), above all, however, the training institution Ars Adrano which busy, with the teachers and students of the hairdressing and aesthetics addresses, of the hairstyle and make-up of the models, almost all students. To coordinate the work for Ars, the teacher Anna Lupo.

During the evening, in addition to the parade of wedding dresses of the highest sartorial and stylistic quality, also three dresses born from the idea of ​​the little talented designer Aurora Crimi, 12 years old, daughter of Agata Garofalo, and made, in the drawings, by the adranita artist Laura Russo with the collaboration of Ars teachers. The clothes represented Sicily, and the Sicilian spirit, in all its facets. Talents on the catwalk, it wasn’t just fashion. On stage there were performances by the gymnasts of the Asd Eusoma gym in Adrano, the centuripino rapper 3blood, the adranita singer Gaia Neri, the soprano Miriam Vitanza who also sang one of the lyrics of the soundtracks of the film “Nicolò”, dedicated to the saint patron of Adrano. In fact, Armando Bellocchi, director of the film, was at the piano. dGuest of the evening also Alfio Russo who literally enchanted those present with his sax: his version of Queen’s Bohemian Rapsody was applauded. Also on stage was the Adranite artist Silvana Consoli who presented some of her paintings. Furthermore, in the lineup, the cutting and styling exhibition of the Ars teachers Tony Valerio and Lo Re’.

To embellish the stage, the flowers of the “Queen of flowersi” of Adrano. To present Flavia the Cava.

In the “food and shopping” area of ​​the “Village of Santa Claus” of the Etna Arena, the Ars training institution set up a stand where it was possible to consume, free of charge, Sicilian cannoli made by the teacher Alfio Crimi and the students of the catering course Ars. Cannoli, “pulverized” in just a few minutes by visitors. In addition to the municipal councilors Scardina and Stimoli and the Ars coordinators of the Adrano headquarters Luigi Cancelliere and Antonio Maita, Ars top management in the figures of General Manager Salvo Lo Bianco and the President Giuseppe Sassano attended the event. The mayor of Adrano Fabio Mancuso brought greetings to the organizers.

“It was a beautiful evening – says the Ars coordinator Adrano Luigi Cancelliere – I sincerely thank Millenia Spose and all the Ars staff who worked hard for this beautiful event which will have a sequel over the years. Thanks also, and above all, to our magnificent students who made themselves totally available for hair and make-up during the Christmas holidays. Our school is synonymous with excellence in the area”.

Adrano, how many “Talents on the catwalk” at the Etna Arena: parade of wedding dresses and musical performances – Corriere Etneo