“After Ibiza, Barcelona”, Martinez and Besancenot regret Macron’s absence at the time of the strike

POLITICS – An unfortunate coincidence of timing. Emmanuel Macron and a dozen ministers are in Barcelona, ​​Spain this January 19, the same day chosen by the unions to demonstrate against the pension reform. An absence that does not pass for Philippe Martinez and Olivier Besancenot.

It’s super disrespectful Considered the NPA spokesperson, reacting hotly as you can see in the video at the top of the article.Honestly, I learn it “, he said on the set of BFM TV. “You will notice that on the yellow vests, it was the same. It was Bernardo in Zorro, we couldn’t hear him anymore” he said, before ironically wishing ” have a nice trip “ to Emmanuel Macron.

“Things are happening in France, they are not in France” castigated this Thursday morning the leader of the CGT. “Unlike a minister last year, he is not in Ibiza, he is in Barcelona”, tackled Philippe Martinez by making reference to Jean-Michel Blanquerthen Minister of Education, who was on vacation in Ibiza when he unveiled the new screening protocol to be applied in schools, the day before the start of the school year.

the secretary general of the CGT was more measured yesterday. Guest of the Daily program, he wished “not to argue” on this point. ” We had planned to meet none (of the ministers), so good ”reacted Laurent Berger. “Symbolically, I don’t know if this meeting was fixed before. »

Emmanuel Macron is in Spain to sign an important friendship treaty with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, in line with the Elysée treaty with Germany (whose 50th anniversary is being celebrated on Sunday), Paris and Madrid are expected to announce a increased cooperation on migration issues, defence, energy and youth.

For several days the Elysée has insisted in particular on the fact that the date was decided by Spain and that there was no room for maneuver to move it.

The Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne nevertheless remained in France as well as Olivier Dussopt. The Minister of Labor initially on the trip, finally decided to stay in France.

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“After Ibiza, Barcelona”, Martinez and Besancenot regret Macron’s absence at the time of the strike