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Aimed at students but also the general public, the historical and citizen film festival starts on January 30 at the cinema-theatre. Its purpose is to support the National Resistance and Deportation Competition.

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Lhe twentieth edition of the historical and citizen film festival will take place from January 30 to February 10, at the cinema-theatre. Initiator of this festival for two decades, Marie-Ange Layer, a recently retired history and geography teacher and PCF regional adviser, points out that the existence of these rooms in the city center largely explains the feasibility of this festival.

A geographical location in the heart of the city which allows some students to reach the rooms on foot. “We only had one problem: one year, due to the ice storm, students from Jules-Verne were unable to go down to the city center”, remembers in the form of an anecdote Marie-Ange Layer.

Director of the castle halls, Gérard Tepaz, indicates that buses are not authorized to circulate on the place de l’Hôtel-de-Ville. This forces them to park elsewhere.

Beyond these logistical problems, on the merits, thanks to this cinema support and well-targeted films, this event aims to promote the participation of Castel students in the National Resistance and Deportation Competition. A competition based this year on the theme “School and resistance 1940-1945 – from the dark days to the day after the Liberation. Marie-Ange Layer further clarifies: “We want through this festival to develop among young people the values ​​of the Republic, of Democracy, of Human Rights. »

The Jean de La Fontaine and Saint-Joseph high schools will send a lot of students to the dark rooms, but the third-grade students from Jean-Racine, Jean-Rostand and Saint-Joseph will also come there. Without forgetting the CM2 primary schools of Château-Thierry, Brasles and Chierry.

Of the five films on offer this year, two screenings will be open to the general public: Penguin & Gull (with a public evening with debate on Monday January 30 at 8:30 p.m.); then Fanny’s journey (see you on Thursday, February 2 at 8:30 p.m.).

A documentary by Michel Leclerc

Marie-Ange Layer specifies that Penguin & Gull
“is not an animal film…” This documentary by Michel Leclerc retraces the life of Yvonne and Roger Hagnauer, nicknamed Goéland and Pingouin, who, in their school in Sèvres, took in children from the Paris region who were victims of the war. It quickly evolved into a refuge, sheltering many Jewish children during the Occupation.

Fanny’s trip is a film by Lola Doillon. It retraces the perilous journey of Fanny, her little sisters and a group of children who were endangered by the invasion of the Italian occupation zone by the Germans in 1943.

Another well-known film will also be screened, goodbye childrenthe famous film by Louis Malle released in 1987. But it is therefore intended for schoolchildren, as The Green Harvest and Charlotte.

Reservations at the cinema-theatre on 03 23 83 68 01. For schoolchildren, Marie-Ange Layer on 03 23 73 90 95. Or 06 76 61 81 59.

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